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2013 Preview: Conservative charge looming in next session of Kansas Legislature

I can't help but feel that we are going to see the rise of plutocracy in this state. in the coming years we will see massive debt on the state level with the wealthy getting more tax break in the poor getting left out in the cold with our children not having the education needed to get out of poverty. may God have mercy on us.

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

I believe that a lot of bikers do cause loads of problems. What I've seen is bikers in the middle of the road, not ridding in single file, not stopping for signs and lights and not using the biking lane even when it's right next to them. I think that the city/state should run a long term bikers safety program for everyone so everyone can be safer, I'm tired of hearing about bikers getting hurt or dying because of people both bikers and drivers not understanding the biking laws.

Are all bikers doing things wrong? No, most bikers in town are ding their best but there are those who are doing things wrong and dangerously. There have been times where I had my turn signal on to turn and while I was starting to turn this biker, in full biker gear, came flying from behind me going straight cutting me off, if I hadn't been able to stop in time I would have ran him over. And don't get me started on those bikers every week south of town.

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