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If you could own any car — real or fictional — what would it be?

One with an an demand chauffeur or that drove itself so that I could do something else.

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Lawrence family of six gets 'hand up,' buys home with help of housing trust

I'd like to encourage Nikki Wentling and Nick Krug to get their photo bylines correct for publishing.

Photo 1 "Liska and her pertner Shane Rogers" Spell check should have caught this.
Photo 2 " Liska and her husband, Shane Rogers" Consistency please.

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Life and death at a Lawrence strip mall: At 19th and Haskell, hope and heartbreak are bought in balance

While I rarely ate in, I am a frequent customer of Haskell Ave Café. They are a lovely couple and I hope that these issues don't cause them to close permanently. Ps they have the BEST bacon in the world. I'd love to know where they get it.

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Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed city code for urban agriculture

A portion of my letter to the Planning Commission.

"I do have a curious question though. Article 5, 20-547.1.ii indicates that small goats and sheep may be slaughtered for personal use. Yet Article 5,20-547.5.iii requires that goats over the age of 4 weeks must be neutered. First of all, this section refers only to the neutering of goats, not sheep, and that seems to be a disproportionate measure. Did the writers of the proposed codes get information from goat and sheep breeders on the proper age to wether a buck? From a few quick searches it seems to me that this is quite young and can harm the proper growth of a goat’s urethra, thereby causing lifelong problems. I’m going to presume that the requirement to wether bucks is due to the odor issue that comes along with an intact male. And then assert the opinion of allowing slaughter but restricting breeding via the wether requirement seems counterproductive from a sustainability standpoint. Ie. You can grow and harvest them, but you can’t make more.

I also have concerns about zoonotic diseases brought in by urban agriculture that can impact not only my own breeding canines, but altered canines and felines that are owned for pet purposes only. The 3 major diseases that are of utmost concern are brucellosis, coccidia, and giardia. While brucellosis must be transmistted by direct contact or contact with contaminated water, coccidia and giardia contaminate the soil and can remain infectious for years. Anyone operating with small animals should be required to inform neighbors and disclose it upon sale or and transfer of the property utilized."

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Goats, sheep may be your new neighbors under proposed city code for urban agriculture

(v) A flyway barrier, when required, shall be at least 6 ft tall and extend 10 feet
beyond the colony location on each side. It can be solid, vegetative, or any
combination of the two that forces the bees to cross the property line at a
height of at least 6 ft.

Melinda, exactly how is one supposed to know when a flyway barrier is required, I didn't see anything in the proposed amendment that laid out those regulations.

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New Lawrence superintendent to earn between $205K and $215K a year; Doll says KPERS rule on retirees was a factor in decision to leave


I’d still like to know how the school district can justify raising a new employee’s salary by so much. The rate paid on Doll’s salary is 22.03% on $173,000 is $37,111.90. Assuming the new hire is not a KPERS retiree at $205,000 the 7/1/16 rate (I chose this because it is higher at 10.91%) is $22,365.50. And let’s not forget FICA/Medicare.

173000.00 Salary
37111.90 KPERS
13234.50 FICA/Medicare
$223,346.40 Rough estimate of cost

205000.00 Salary
22365.50 KPERS
15682.50 FICA/Medicare
$243,048.00 Rough estimate of cost

So without considering other employer costs (taxes, health insurance), even at the low end the school district is looking at an INCREASE of almost $20,000.00. This is NOT a comparable amount.

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Oread group again contests city's demands, accuses city of violating state law

Mr Walter's secretary needs to learn to proofread. Unless he is able to time travel, I doubt he sent a letter to the City on 12/31/2016.

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Closings and cancellations for Tuesday, Jan. 19

Bishop Seabury has cancelled evening activities.

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