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Kansas lawmakers at odds over dog breeder inspections

You know, I thought about a long response and even had part of it typed up with statistics on USDA and Kansas licenses. But there are some that will never approve of breeders. Just remember, that dog that you adopt from the shelter was bred by someone. There are breeders who give their dogs permanent identification so that if it’s located they can retrieve it. Dogs, bred or fostered for rescue, can be traced back to me or someone that knows it’s my dog. If one ends up in the shelter, you can bet your last dollar that I’ll be doing everything I can to get it back. All the dogs that have been through my house have a home with me for life if they need it.

Where is the breeder of the dog that you got from the shelter?

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Kansas lawmakers at odds over dog breeder inspections

Not all dogs are suitable for all homes or activities that a person might want to enjoy with their dog. I agree that there are plenty of dogs in shelters, this is usually due to irresponsible owners.

I'm not against a last minute inspection, I'm against the fact that the legislation stipulates a fine if I'm not home when the inspector pops by. I'm gone to work all day, my dogs are well behaved in their respective spots inside my home.

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Kansas lawmakers at odds over dog breeder inspections

Ever been to a puppy mill? I have. I support my breed's rescue group as well as breeding. Do you know what the LEGAL requirements are for housing dogs per the USDA?

This link shows you an image of a typical puppy mill mother and her puppies. http://www.onegreenplanet.org/wp-cont...

Attached is a photo taken from the webcam that I have honed on my new moms and babies while I'm working.

Do these two scenarios look the same?


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Kansas lawmakers at odds over dog breeder inspections

The problem that I have with this bill is that they have removed the designation for a small breeder, formerly classified as "Hobby Breeder" and the penalties that I had seen (not sure n the current version) for not being present for a surprise inspection.

I am one of those formerly classified as a Hobby Breeder. I generally have 2 or 3 litters per year, not from the same female, do not repeatedly breed the same couple, breed to try and improve what I have to match the AKC standard for my breed, my dogs live in my house with me and I health test my breeding parents for hips, elbows, eyes and patella. And the last part is, to support my breeding, I work full time. So I'm not home when these inspectors would drop by and you are going to fine me $80-150 because I'm working?

The designation for the small breeder needs to remain so that we are not lumped in with those who have multiple breeding pairs on site that are truly a commercial breeder.

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Invasive zebra mussel colony found in city’s water piping; city to start new water treatment to kill them

Copper can also be hazardous to our pets. In dogs an accumulation of copper can result in liver failure. Please find out how effective the treatment plant is going to be in eliminating the copper and the timeline for the copper ion release to commence.

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School board to consider issuing MacBooks to all high school students

Bishop Seabury has been using Ipads for several years now. We see occasional issues and parental expense for these as most kids need a tactile keyboard. I would think that chromebooks would solve this issue easily.

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