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Deal struck to bring new grocer to Sixth and Wakarusa; Google's latest announcement and its impacts on Lawrence

Yes because people east of Mass street don't need groceries...... sigh....

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Deal struck to bring new grocer to Sixth and Wakarusa; Google's latest announcement and its impacts on Lawrence

Have to agree with you Clark. Shopped in a Winco last year during a trip to Phoenix and I adored it!

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How have you, or someone you know, been affected by the government shutdown?

Haven't been yet. The whole situation is ridiculous.

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County fairgrounds to host dog show this weekend

Good luck to the members of the Lawrence Jayhawk Kennel Club!

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Kansas Silver-Haired Legislature endorses medical marijuana

Crap, yet another reason to mourn that I wasn't born with a green thumb...

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Tight rules proposed for KC Pumpkin Patch

"limited just to pumpkin picking, bird watching and fishing between the hours of 9 a.m. and 6 p.m"

That doesn't give families much time to get out there during the week.

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Dog being cared for at Humane Society after owner's body recovered from Kansas River

My condolences to Mr Sexton’s family.

If Gabby is trained from a service dog agency, she should be returned to the agency for retraining and placement with another eligible person. Fully trained service dogs are a valuable resource and Gabby should be allowed to continue her work.

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No health premium hike for county employees

@Midwestmom- Why don’t you ask Sarah about the $3600 out of pocket, I’m sure she has that information. I’ve spoken with many friends who are employed in corporations is similar employee size, their coverage month is much more expensive and had less coverage, greater deductibles and NO pharmacy. That $35 co pay you are complaining about probably costs the county in excess of $150 per month, have you bothered to look?

I am grateful for our health benefits and am proud at how the administration is striving to keep the employee’s share down. Thank you Sarah, Craig, Kari and Commissioners.

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School district's mailing about bond issue raises eyebrows

Someone needs to check that math. That is 46 cents each, including postage. How can you mail a 16 page flier for 24 cents?

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Letter: Try xylitol

Mr Burgstahler,

The supplement you propose is highly toxic to many animals, but I suppose you don't have canine companions or you would know that. Also, people can be allergic to this substance and I am one of them. I would not be able to drink, bathe or touch anything that has been exposed to the municpal water supply if this substance would be added to it.

No thanks.

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