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Opinion: In defense of a much-improved defense

New Orleans, you must have been watching a different game than I was. While Texas won the game, the defense held a high-scoring team to 21 points. Moral victories are not the type of victories that I want, but Mangino's first team played with a lot of heart and only won 2 games. This team is getting better, and that will keep me coming back.

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First Bell: Students walk to school this morning; Lawrence High debate success; board meeting schedule changes

It's nice to see a story about the success of the LHS debate team. These students, like the students that compete in athletics, put in a lot of time preparing for competition and deserve some recognition. Congratulations to the students that did well and to those that competed.

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Law grads go rural route

As a KU law alum, I am happy to hear that the law school is finally looking toward rural Kansas as a viable career choice for graduates. I know that when I graduated many years ago, the focus was on placing people in the big firms at the big city. The thought at that time was that Washburn grads could have all the jobs west of Topeka other than the large firm jobs in Wichita.

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Lawrence school district losing longtime music teachers to retirement

As the parent of a Lawrence High Student who is fortunate enough to be a student under Cathy Crispino and Rogene Anderson, I am amazed at the quality of the vocal music program at Lawrence High. I hope that the Lawrence community recognizes the high level of music education that occurs in the Lawrence Public Schools and strives to maintain that standard. I have watched my child become an artist under the direction of Mrs. Crispino and other music faculty, and I truly appreciate the fact that the bar is set high. Congratulations to all of the music faculty that are retiring. Thank you for helping to make my child a well-rounded student.

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Kassie Liebsch pleads guilty to wire fraud, faces up to 20 years in prison in KU ticket scandal

She hasn't been sentenced yet. They are just saying that she could receive up to 20 years. She'll get much less for cooperating.

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Area school districts cancel Wednesday classes

They'll probably be at home playing in the snow.

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Out to lunch no more? Board considers closing campuses

This seems to be such a non-issue. I wish the school board would deal with things that matter. If you think the school lunches are nutritious, you are mistaken. They just get bad versions of what is sold at the fast food restaurants. Hamburgers, pizza, etc are available in the cafeteria frequently. Move on to something more important.

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Reggie Robinson leaving Kansas Board of Regents for Washburn law job

Congratulations to Reggie. Washburn is lucky to have him on the faculty. Too bad he isn't still at KU.

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Peoples Bank ordered by federal regulators to improve financial condition

There are still good banks that are fairly local. UMB Bank, based in KC, was recently rated by Forbes Magazine as the second best bank in the US. Commerce Bank was third.

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

I can't believe all of the negativity towards this hire. I don't know that Gill would have been my top choice, but he is still a good choice..

This isn't Terry Allen. Gill has a history of recruiting division I players and name recognition that Terry Allen never had. If Tuberville is such a great choice, why aren't other schools beating down his door to hire him?

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