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Convicted sex offender won rare judicial reprieve

This article fails to talk about from august 1999 until January 2006 he was sent to an out of state prison to do time for a prior court commitment.. haven't looked yet but I can only imagine what on the hell else he did. In January 2006 he was placed back in our custody and served a sentence of 6 years. Kansas gave him 6 years for an indecent liberty with a 5 year old.. also classified it as a non person felony... I would sure like to know what you need to do to commit a person felony.. sure a person felony is a violent crime committed against another person.. I say lock him up and throw away the key. Also reads that his supervision level is Low.. maybe he should be considered dangerous and they should bump his supervision level up to a high and motinor this sick minded person 24 hrs a day.. or better yet. Lock him back up.

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Prosecutors want sex crime convict to remain in state custody

Google Kansas offender search and search the name. Kodi Thomas. It will give you 130 reasons why he should be back in prison. This guy knows nothing except how to get in trouble. He's a very dangerous person. Mark my word he is for sure a repeat offender... he is sick in the head. I feel nobody can feel 100 percent safe with this guy roaming all over town.

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In State of State, Brownback outlines plan to cut Kansas personal income tax

I'm ready to vote for a new governor!

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Eudora mobile home fire contained

I grew up there for 16 yrs. It used to be a great place to live. Now its like a big Meth factory waiting to explode. Place went to hell. RIP GVTC

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Two juveniles detained in connection with arson at vacant Lawrence house

Questionable about number 1 Grandmas grandma skills.. well grandma I'm sure you were not a perfect parent either. I don't believe there is a such thing. His kid made a mistake and he's paying for it. Maybe you should not be too quick to judge. Maybe just maybe you could focus on your own da%$ family and be the wanna be grandma that you have always tried to be.

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Town Talk: Commissioner wants to change name of 11th Street to honor Fambrough; homeless shelter plans to move by early summer; apartment plan creates tension, accusations

Thinks we need to take the 2 million dollars we are wasting on the homeless shelter and bus them all to topeka..

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Judge rules against Lawrence homeless shelter; move away from downtown up in the air

Maybe put a homeless people crossing sign out next to the deer crossing signs out on K 10. Moving homeless people next to a highway is about the Dumbest idea ever. First thing you see when you come into town is homeless people dodging traffic trying to cross the highway. I agree with bartstop. Load them up and relocate them to topeka.

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