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City Commission candidate questionnaire: Matthew Herbert

what's wrong with bringing like companies into VenturePark? Let's build an industry category here. That has worked well with bringing multiple bio-tech companies into Lawrence.

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Wicked Broadband pulls request for $300,000 loan guarantee

From my vantage point, that is a 25-year career spent in telecom, broadband and cloud computing, I will say that this community better figure out how to gigabit internet service to this community. It may not be critical today, but in 10 years... Whether Wicked, Google or RG Fiber, we can't just sit and watch as time goes by. I hope potential city commissioners are listening to this voter, because her vote will be affected by this issue -- and no I wasn't one of the 1100+ votes that Josh was referencing. I come to this on my own.

Gary William, you probably just lost my vote. I am an advocate for giving incentives to businesses. But, I hate how we are giving them now. There is no way to account for them. It seems to me that all Wicked was asking for was that the city be there, IN CASE they default. Gak, we should be doing that for worthy businesses like crazy! (I can't give an opinion on the worthiness of Wicked.) You do get if Wicked would have kept paying their loan payments, the city would have been out $00000.00!!!! Can't say the same for the Fritzel Folly that is Rock Chalk Park. By giving companies a pass on paying taxes, we continue to have no budget for helping companies and they have no accountability to meet their promises.

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Letter: Moving forward?

Well said, very well said. Though I do like the Wakarusa roundabout.

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RadioShack closes South Iowa Street store; pro-police HQ group spends about $24K in losing effort, opposition group about $500

where ever will I go when I need an obscure cord or battery? Please hang on Radio Shack.

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Chick-fil-A files plans to build restaurant on South Iowa Street; city sets details for ice rink grand opening

Can you name a national "left-wing" business that pushes its religious agenda? I can't think of one?!? That seems the purview of only religious right.

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Lawrence lands on list of quirkiest cities in America; developers to meet again on future of Turnhalle building; group forms to support police HQ issue

I hope Chad was just being cheeky about us being quirky: I LOVE being quirky. And, let's face it, Chad, you yourself could have landed on their list of why! So, here is to all the quirky people in my life!

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Supreme Court says some businesses may refuse to offer contraceptives

I find the real hypocrisy to be all the good from China that Hobby Lobby stocks. To get this straight, they plan to keep their employees from getting contraceptives, but they don't care about either the forced abortions or the horrible human rights record in China. I would love to hear them explain that one!

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Social Service League Thrift Store seeking financial help from public as rent issue emerges

Your question is a good one, but you have forgotten the other side of the equation: the people we serve. If we were to move home now, we would lose retail space, equating to fewer people we can serve, people who have come to rely on the League. Back to school and the fall coming into Christmas are very important times for the League and our population. Alas, it just isn't as easy of a decision as you suggest. Store revenues aren't our only consideration.

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Social Service League Thrift Store seeking financial help from public as rent issue emerges

I am on the board of directors of the Social Service League. As such, I am happy to respond to these questions. When we moved to this location last fall, the cost was irrelevant as we weren't paying for it. To us what mattered was that the location was close to our long term home, which the Allen Press building is. Pretty much exactly when the Compton/Treanor team finished our project, we were awarded two grants totaling $30,000 for fixing up the other portion of our building. It is work that needs to be done, but wouldn't be in the budget without these grants. We have been given the strong advice not to move back until this other work is done. While we could use half of our store, more than 50% of it could not be occupied. Please understand, this has not been an easy decision. Our choices are (1) move home to a space that is 50% of our normal space; (2) move somewhere else which is a herculean effort, and not without a lot of expense; (3) stay put. What would you do?

As far as being downtown -- our long-term home is at 901 Rhode Island, this was a decision that was made in the late 1800's. We have owned our building for a very long time, and it is where it is.

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Emporia State University wants to name new center after Kochs

You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth! Please never let that happen at KU! Please!!!!

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