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Transgender KU grad’s story lands on unlikely stage: ‘Dance Moms’

I sincerely hope that your comment was a compliment and not an insult. Jay should be commended for listening to his own body and doing what was right for him and nobody else. Perhaps you should go listen to Jay speak at one of his many coaching/motivational speaking engagements. He happens to be a very caring, funny and considerate person.

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More Kansas teachers leaving state, retiring

I didnt vote for any of the jackasses that are ruining our state. Dont assume that EVERYONE voted for these idiots. And honestly - regardless of how you vote, if you do vote then you have the right to complain!

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Kansas to join states allowing concealed guns without permit

So I am pretty ignorant on this whole topic - but wouldnt it seem logical to continue to charge people for permits and training and use that $$ to help close our budget gap? I know $150ish is not much, but if you keep that requirement isnt a little money better than no money? Again - I am not completely educated on how the gun permit process works or where that money goes. And as a side note - I think this bill is completely ignorant from a safety standpoint.

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Kansas senators consider bill to reverse part of big tax cut

At the risk of sounding immature. I TOLD YOU SO! Tax cuts went too far. Amazing to me that it has taken "lawmakers" so long to realize this.

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Wicked Broadband pulls request for $300,000 loan guarantee

This might be a stupid question, but why can't this be put to a public vote? Let the citizens of Lawrence decide.

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Commissioners concerned about e-mail from Wicked Broadband; WOW introduces faster Internet service; update on cable TV changes in Lawrence

This just goes to show you how sneaky this man is. If he does something like this, how will he run his business and treat his customers? I have been on the no bandwagon for quite a while. This just re-affirms for me how sleazy this man is. And....the all important question, where are his financials. The city should never loan a business/company $$ without first seeing their financials. Basic business sense if you ask me.

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Thousands in Lawrence brave lines for 'golden ticket' to Obama's speech

Anyone here going tomorrow? Any idea if we can bring a cell phone in? I can't seem to find much info other than no bags and limiting personal items. Thanks!

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President Obama to speak Thursday morning at KU; tickets available Tuesday

Limit personal items....does that mean yes or no on the cell phones?

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Lawrence lines up for tickets to see President Obama

Thanks Nick!

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Lawrence lines up for tickets to see President Obama

Any news on lines (if any) at the fairgrounds yet?

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