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A day with Rep. Tom Sloan of Lawrence

That was a good story on Tom Sloan i just wish we had more like him then maybe Kansas could get back to being progressive.J Connelly

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4 inducted into Lawrence Business Hall of Fame

Jim & his late wife Laura were wonderful mentors to us as Lawrence business owners. They were patrons as well as providing their business expertise - something we cherished. THANK YOU for sharing!

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Kansas lawyer is architect of many immigration laws

Phelps, Kline, Brownback & now Kobach!

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Kansas' top auditor leaving state for job in Washington state

OK toe, so you like government waste! This woman did a "thankless" job & post audit is under appreciated for the service they do for the tax payer. Hope she is appreciated in Washington.

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Study: Habitual parking violators downtown rack up thousands in unpaid fines

Hey wilb - meter the 2 hour lots & all you are doing is giving employees more meters to plug. Employees shouldn't be anywhere near customer parking - other than to walk through it on the way to work!

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Parking violators take issue with $50 fine

To all business owners & employees: if you &/or employees are having to leave to feed a meter or move your car during the day you are taking the customer parking. IF you want customers, leave the prime parking for them & make sure YOU & EMPLOYEES park further away. WALK a couple of blocks!

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Naismith to live on in bronze

Self portrait?

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Turner Gill expected to take over as Kansas football coach

99% of you need to get a life! If you can do the job apply for it!

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Lawrence students can opt out of watching Obama address Tuesday

mindylogan 83 doesn't the Bible say kill your 1st born? Done that yet?

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