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Police interview woman in bee costume accused of graffiti

Next time you're on campus...beeware!

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Digital identity: Lawrence as seen through the electronic eyes of MySpace.com

The Buttfarm Haaaaaaaaaaa hahahaha ha ha ha ha HO He He He HA HA ha HA Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cultural soundtrack: Watkins Museum welcomes Smithsonian's exhibit on American music

According to the New Harmonies calendar, the Bopaphonics will perform the poetry of Langston Hughes set to music Sat. June 28 at 2pm.

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How do you feel about having the Wakarusa Festival in the Lawrence area?

terrapin2-You have summed up my sentiments exactly! We have two kids, one adult and one teen, who are camping with their friends at the festival this year. Our entire family looks forward to this event and we all have a great time together.

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How do you feel about having the Wakarusa Festival in the Lawrence area?

Hygiene issues aren't exclusive to hippies. This is my second year at the festival and people there don't smell any different than those in the general population.

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You and Your Pet Peeves - Things That Irk

How about people who eat their smelly goulash, stroganoff, ham nasty casserole in the cube next door. What smells good cooking in your own kitchen smells like disgusting garbage at work.

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Beat poets honored with songs

yes he is the credit counselor. I was at the show. Those guys are crazy.

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Trust is gone

Trust is gone

Trust not any one who seeks power!
Commonsense: 329

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Trust is gone

You got to ask .
What if you as a regular American with no power or money where involved with the outing of a CIA agent what do you think would happen to you?

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Falwell's integrity

Aside from politics, religion is the cause of most wars. By the way, didn't Falwell call for the assassination of Hugo Chavez. I thought only God decided who lived and died. I'm sure God has a special place for war mongers and people who take it upon themselves to judge for him. Have a nice day.

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