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Bowen: KU football is back on right track under Weis

It's too easy to be pessimistic. I don't expect the season to be perfect but I'm not going to sell them short either.

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Underrated: Staff picks for most overlooked Jayhawks

Must be a slow sporting news day.

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Charlie Weis names DeMontie Cross as new KU linebackers coach

College football coachs don't stay anywhere for long. Do they get a student housing allowance and a trailer to store their stuff?

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Jayhawks go 1-1-1 on D-Day

Traylor sounds good, a player that will be around a few years. Personally, I'm over the one and done kids. Neither Selby nor Henry played to their potential. Traylor come in as a developmental prospect and so expectations wont apply so much pressure. Hopefully, he can learn, develop and dominate.

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KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger’s approach refreshing

This is article is goofy. A meeting play-by-play? "He seemed content to simply nod approval when appropriate". Good thing he didn't enter the room with his fly down, pick his nose at the wrong time, nod off when it got really boring, pass gas, or spill food in his lap.

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Royce Woolridge to transfer from KU

Yes, it's a suprise. However, Ben, Tyshawn, Elijah, Travis and maybe Lacey. We seem to be guard loaded. I was suprised that he didn't redshirt last year. Oh well, he should have developed his skills on the practice squad. That should carry over to where he ends up. Good Luck Royce!

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Josh Selby working out in Vegas, hasn’t declared for NBA Draft

It is sad that this Alex Kennedy is reporting as a tabloid writer. I wish the best for Selby and hope that he makes a wise decision when it is time. He didn't look ready by the end of the season and especially not in the tournament. NBA may lockout. I guess we'll see.

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Kansas football ramps up fitness

Good points on looking tired. In cycling, riders key in on the body language of other cyclist to decide when to attack. As a matter of fact, Lance Armstrong used body language to fake being tired in one of his TdF victories getting other riders to attack before they should. I just hope that Gill has these guys conditioned this year to last 4 quarters with Texas, OU, MU... Those guys will be in good condition and so should we.

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Gary Bedore's basketball notebook: KU's Tyshawn Taylor focused on winning

I think that the top 2 kids Ben McLemore and the other top rated kid are waiting to see what the twins do. Something tells me that the twins are going to play for KU next year and with each other on the same team for the last time.

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UCLA’s Howland speaks with NCAA

If the clock is running, does it really matter what point of the game a foul is called? If there is less than 1 second left of the clock, is there an open season rule in the NCAA? The refs were calling touch fouls against Kansas all game. Holliday's four point play on a foul called versus Tyshawn Taylor was a questionable call. I did not really see the foul by Tyshawn and a four point play can be a game changer no matter how much time is on the clock. Howland should do a better job of coaching his kids to play the odds the the last shot not dropping and not to foul with less than 5 seconds.

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