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Wayne Selden Jr. announces he'll return to KU

Now that's what I'm talking about. Bring the animal out! Ain't going out like that! That's the man I want on my team! The one and done players got feeble hearts. 2016 Bring it on!

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Column: Cliff Alexander proof system flawed

The system is what it is and Alexander and his mother knew the rules. People must have self control, it is essential to all survival. Rules exist in the world and if we did not abide by them total chaos would result. Keagan's argument is very similar to the one that has promoted domestic abuse from high caliber athletes for years, "But he's got so much potential".
I was the least impressive year for the program this year than anytime in the past because the kids did not play with heart. Not the kind of heart like Duke's freshman Allen played with in the final game. In other words, the math don't add up. Keagan wants to blame the rules as the problem like a spoiled child who throws a fit when they don't get what they want. The rules ain't the problem.
Alexander's issue point to a problem that migrates into the program because of the "one and done" system. When your only goal and focus is the pot of gold then problems will evolve. Non-Christians don't understand such concepts. What happens when God gives you up to your desires. You can only have one God.

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Cummings confident about Beaty selection

I'm looking forward to the day that KU starts winning. That is the only important stat. The program need to earn the confidence of young men to come and play here. Question is, does Beaty have personnel to work with to earn a few right away.
The last 5 years prove that it was not a mistake for ND to fire Weis. He is a loser!

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Cummings confident about Beaty selection

I'm number 1!

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High hopes for Jake Heaps

Is that a bad photo or does Heaps look sadly unfit. The trainer needs to get on the ball and work over Heaps diet and maybe put him on an exercise bike.

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KU’s top 10 juco football recruits

One of the things that excites me about the JUCO kids is that many are coming in January. So they can work with the KU strength and conditioning coach and attend spring practices. Look forward to the 2013 season.

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Bowen: KU football is back on right track under Weis

It's too easy to be pessimistic. I don't expect the season to be perfect but I'm not going to sell them short either.

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Underrated: Staff picks for most overlooked Jayhawks

Must be a slow sporting news day.

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Charlie Weis names DeMontie Cross as new KU linebackers coach

College football coachs don't stay anywhere for long. Do they get a student housing allowance and a trailer to store their stuff?

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Jayhawks go 1-1-1 on D-Day

Traylor sounds good, a player that will be around a few years. Personally, I'm over the one and done kids. Neither Selby nor Henry played to their potential. Traylor come in as a developmental prospect and so expectations wont apply so much pressure. Hopefully, he can learn, develop and dominate.

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