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No One is Against Child Labor

Great post, Liberty_One. I agree with you 100%. I had to do ridiculous amounts of hard, dirty, dangerous work as a child - and it made me a better person. Also, it made me a person who values now working in an air-conditioned office.

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When was the last time you used a floppy disk?

I got into playing a MUD more than 15 years ago... I still log in and play sometimes, and there are usually still at least 50 people playing, 24 hours a day. t2tmud.org port 9999. - Called The Two Towers LP MUD. Some of the most amazing coding ever and continually expanded since its creation. I shudder to think of how many hours of my life I wasted away on there.

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Mental heath care takes turn for worse

Here's a great website that has murder and crime rates in the United States, so you don't have to just make numbers up anymore.

Over the last 15 years, the number of murders in the United States hasn't gone over 20,000, and usually not more than 16-17,000 per year.

Accuracy, accuracy, accuracy.


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A Return to the Gold Standard?

That only difference you see, Jane, is the MOST important difference. To be unable to create money is a huge check on the power of government - and why they were so eager to do away with it. To remove easy credit and the ability to finance welfare and warfare programs would severely limit the Leviathan. When money is created out of thin air, by fiat, it reduces the value of the money supply by that exact amount.

It's like making kool-aid. You add one cup of sugar to two quarts of water. The sugar is wealth, and the water is currency, its medium of exchange. If you add in more water, what happens? It becomes diluted. Now, a glass of kool-aid contains less sugar. Add in more and more water, and the effect intensifies.

To bring it back, that dollar bill you've got in your pocket used to have a high concentration of wealth/sugar. That's why it used to cost a nickel to buy a candy bar or soda. But since 1913, when the Federal Reserve was created, our wealth has lost 95% of its value due to the inflation (adding more currency).

And when I say lost, what I mean is, 95% of the value of the currency has been stolen by federal decree.

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Expiring tax cuts hit all taxpayers

Go ahead. I have no problem with that. It's when you try to tell ME what MY "fair share" is though, that we're going to have a conflict - and a nasty one.

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Pleasant Hill, Mo., man leaves $800,000 to KU to establish scholarships

Nowhere in this article does it mention when Gipson died. Shouldn't that be in here?

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Support for candidate goes through the roof

To everyone here who is a Ron Paul Supporter - I am a founding member of the Ron Paul Kansas City Meetup Group, with over 200 members, and looking to open a branch locally here in Lawrence. Please email me at jbennett at gmail dot com and let's see what we can do to raise some more support for Ron Paul!

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Brownback defends missed votes

We just need to convince other Kansans to vote for a true candidate, the Champion of Freedom, Rep. Ron Paul of Texas. He's the man!

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Brownback didn't read intelligence report before Iraq invasion

Kansans should be looking a little more south for their conservative Candidate of Choice. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas is the only, and obvious, choice for the President. Just do a search for him online. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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