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Lawhorn's Lawrence: Lucy's life and Lawrence's Panda Garden

Interesting story. I met my wife in Taiwan when I was at CCK Air Base in 1970-73, we got married, and when we returned to the states, she worked in various oriental restaurants until she finally started her own place in 1982. We closed in 2002 after 20 years in business and many awards.. Enjoying our retirement now, hope Lucy and her family enjoy theirs. Ty Travis, Pine Bluff, AR

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Cordley Elementary to celebrate 100th anniversary

I attended Cordley from 1950 to 1957, and had a fine time attending the 90th birthday party held ten years ago. I could still remember how to find my old classrooms and visited each of them. My brother in Lawrence tells me there has been considerable remodeling since, and I probably wouldn't recognize the interior of the old building I frequented from K thru 3. The other building at 19th and Mass. was called Holloway Hall, above Harrison Rexall, and we would walk down there a few times a month for educational films and filmstrips, many of which were written by my late mother Trudy Travis when she worked at Centron. Still remember my Cordley teachers' names, though I imagine they are all gone now. Best of luck to all, I'll be there in spirit. Tyson Travis, Pine Bluff, AR.

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Longtime Lawrence developer Bob Moore dies at 85

I worked for Bob's late brothers Mark (Bud) and Al at Viking Investment from 1967-69 before I went in the Air Force. The three of them did a lot to shape present-day Lawrence and imbued me with a valuable work ethic. Bob was always friendly to me when we met in later years.and am sorry to hear of his passing. A chapter in Lawrence development is now history.

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Lawrence Public Library to host event at Liberty Hall honoring Centron Films, Lawrence history

I also think you have mis-identified the middle figure in the photo. According to my copy of "Mental Hygiene," this is Norm Stuewe, one of the original Centroners, although Bob Rose was also a cameraman for them for many years.

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Lawrence Public Library to host event at Liberty Hall honoring Centron Films, Lawrence history

The unidentified woman in the group of three Centroners at the top of this story is my late mother, Margaret C. "Trudy" Travis, who worked as a writer/director there from around 1947 until she retired in 1985. She wrote the "Leo" show, as well as many other educational and commercial productions. Thanks for expanding the article. Here she was working as script girl on location, probably for a film she had written. This photo is from the book "Mental Hygiene."

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Lawrence Public Library to host event at Liberty Hall honoring Centron Films, Lawrence history

I always had great respect for Capt(Ret) Buck Newsom, USN. Glad to see he's still around, congratulations to you, Mr. Buck, altho you probably never forgave me for signing up with AFROTC instead of the USN in 1963. One of the highlights of my USAF career was being able to produce C-130 training videos using a lot of the concepts I learned from my late mother. She wrote many of the Young America educational filmstrips and movies which educated a whole generation of American kids, in addition to her many commercial efforts as well as her highlight, the Leo Show. This should be a good program.

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Lawrence Public Library to host event at Liberty Hall honoring Centron Films, Lawrence history

I grew up in Lawrence and was proud to be a member of the Centron family. My late mother Margaret C. "Trudy" Travis (1921-2011) was a writer and director with them from the late 1940s until she retired in 1985. She wrote the Leo show. I was in several shows myself, but was never any great shakes as an actor. There was an excellent book, "Mental Hygiene" by Ken Smith written several years ago, which included a whole chapter and several photos on Centron and its activities. Good luck with this, wish I could attend. Tyson Travis, Pine Bluff, AR.

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Self: Tourney title a priority

URI is not a slouch program. Although these are different players now, URI ended a good KU season with an 80-75 win in the NCAAs in 1998. Hope we can bring it today!

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100 years ago: 'Exit the straw lid' -- Mayor declares hat-changing time for residents

Today the chief offender is low-riding pants with the tops of boxers showing several inches above the waistband. The baseball cap has entirely replaced the straw or fedora for year-round wear. It's also OK to wear white after Labor Day as well.

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Pinckney students dig into history

They're digging in the wrong place! The school may have originally stood in what is now the front yard of the school, but a lot of the demolition debris must have been dumped in a ravine north of the present school building. I swiped an unmistakeable bit of it from there back in the early 1960s, it's been in our family since then. Will try to find a way to get it to the Pinckney folks.

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