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Letter: Questionable hire

I wish a Presidents ability to govern effectively were as simplistic as you want to believe. Most people would say our greatest President was Abraham Lincoln and his "qualifications" were less than President Obama's. I would say, as well as almost all Presidents say, no one is prepared to become President. Almost all Presidents also say they were relieved to leave the Presidency. Business experience has also been shown to be ineffectual when it comes to the economy. The economy has done better under Presidents without business success, if you go by growth in GDP. The job is much more complicated than any CEO job. I dare say there has never been a President who hasn't lied to the public. Do I like it- NO. The President gets too much blame when things go wrong and to much credit when things go well, unfortunately that's the job. Its real easy to complain, especially when you don't have any answers yourself.

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