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Opinion: ACA impact on jobs becoming clear

Dead horses and pigs.........

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Chase County herd proves that bison still rule the range

I used to live off of Cowface Road in the vicinity of Hickory Creek State Park, Beaver Lake, NW Arkansas. There, I had to wake up a home builder years ago. He owned about a hundred head of buffalo in pastures adjacent to his house. I was driving home around 0230, when I came upon 2 bison bulls in the middle of the road. Someone left the gate open. I tried to urge one of them to move by slowly moving my F 150 forward. Hah! Charged me immediately. Literallyas large or larger than my pickup truck were each, and Cowface was a main route for young people getting loaded to get to and from the lake at high rates of speed and a 9 per cent grade. The owner was angry that I awoke him, until I told him why. Beautiful and majestic, but wild none the less...comparable to the animals that hunt them.

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US investigates whether diplomat attacks were planned

why are the Marines on station at these facilities able to fire upon anyone trying to scale a wall, blow it up, or shoot at its inhabitants? They have to get special permission...hell, it is sovereign soil. Shoot back! I still think these jihaddist nation's security and intelligence peoples are involved. Pull all of their foreign aid, and shut the embassies down. I don't believe in using diplomacy with people too stupid or ignorant to understand it, or too weak to implement it.

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Obama condemns attack that killed envoy, 3 others

The role of education in the middle east seems paramount here...sheria law, jihaddist citizens, middle eastern national governments turning a blind eye toward any hostilities expressed by their extremist citizens, including murder. Where do they attend school? In a mosque? No secondary school including even a general psychology course, or sociology course...just nations raising, not Muslems, but a good percentage of islamists. I wonder if the pseudonym for the movie maker should have been imbecile. Then again, I am reasonably angry to see billions of tax dollars going to a myriad of nations every single year, while we can not provide free health care to poor people. The imbalances go on and on into perpetuity.

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