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McCain foreign policy adviser has financial ties to Georgia

So what do you all do during a typical weekday - or as the rest of us call workdays? The first comment was posted at 7:33 this morning and the most recent was at 11:13. Over 60 comments in 3.5 hours coming mostly from the same people. Quit bitching on this online forum and do something productive.

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Government lays out case that scientist was anthrax killer

madmike, i think you've been watching too many sci-fi movies....maybe you should do some reading instead

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Government lays out case that scientist was anthrax killer

Buried in here somewhere...http://www.fromthewilderness.com/

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Have you ever had an overweight pet?

"Yes, my cat Ralph. He could set off the scale that opens the doors at the grocery store."- Michael Young, restaurant manager, Lawrence----------------------------Last time I checked, those weren't scales but rather mats to wipe your feet with. If you'll look above the door next time Michael, you'll see the sensor that gets you in.

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Parents, don't forget immunizations for school

cancer agents are put into vaccines for population control....look into it

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Trash to treasure

geekin, i'm not sure if i'd be bragging about finding my laundry detergent in the garbage...

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In Berlin, Obama speaks of more walls to tear down

I didn't know Bush's past DUI's, cocaine use and draft dodging were executive privileges.

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Great escapes: Couple create relaxing hideouts on their property

i thought chickens were supposed to be raised IN town...

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Gundy's 'rant' still hot topic


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How often do you eat instant (ramen) noodles?

They are obviously doing a better job with the Mirror - I think there was an article on how to properly artificially inseminate your wife. As for the "lesson" from "Mr B Positive" - I'm not from this area so I don't know the background and history of this illusive "World Company" however you have totally sealed my trust in them as a viable news source knowing now that they operate the Mirror. Yes this "World Company" seems to be quite the operation. Sunflower seems to be quite the cable company - no complaints here! LJWorld is...well we've obviously covered that. Channel 6 news totally destroys the competition. Now we learn that the Mirror is on board. Where is Rupert Murdoch when you need him?

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