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State law would make Lawrence wait two years to start curbside recycling program

I'm quite happy with my curbside service (Sunflower Curbside Recycling).

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Tennis compromise

Simple answer.. demolish the current 5 courts at Free State (which are in relatively poor condition) and build 8 new ones and light them. Problem solved.

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

I have no burden of proof. I'm just a lunatic caps lock USER.

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Sound off: If a bank owns a single-family house, who is responsible for its upkeep when it starts to

This is happening in my neighborhood right now. The house behind us has been vacant over 3 years with no action at all by the bank. One neighbor maintains the front yard. We call the city regularly in the summer to have the backyard mowed. The house used to be alive with a family; and now it's falling apart. It's amazing how fast that happens.

Maybe riverrat is trying to move into our neighborhood!

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Concealed carry on campuses approved by committee

Yet another reason why DATA and understanding at least a modicum of statistics is important. Show me the DATA (collected from a strong research design and then peer reviewed) that draws a direct CAUSAL relationship between carrying weapons and the reduction in crime!!

"I'm a state representative and this is true because I said it's true" doesn't cut it. It doesn't cut it whether the guy is republican or democrat.

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Lawrence Spaces: Pioneer Cemetery

This is a very interesting and well-written article. I enjoyed it very much. Thanks!!

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Town Talk: A real debate over artificial turf; plans for old Varsity House up for approval; new pottery-making business opens on Iowa Street

There's already artificial turf around exterior of The Oread Hotel, especially the southwest corner and west facing areas of the hotel grounds.

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About 100 Douglas County Westar Energy customers still without power

Same here. Power went out about 2:30 just northwest of 6th and Kasold.

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