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Fact-checking Brownback's claims on the economy: Only part of story being told

Brownback will not pull Kansas's deficit irons out of the fire. We are in a national economic depression which is being covered up by our government elites, the labor department bureaucrats, and a conniving press that protects the current status quo with whom they ideologically resonate.

Real unemployment is 11% by 1980 standards and 23% by 1932 standards. Unfunded state and federal liabilities continue to grow at an alarming rate. We as a nation are doing nothing to stop the band wagon of debt creation, dollar devaluation, and economic destruction due to high taxes, evergrowing regulations, and deficit spending on our compulsive urge to go to war and provide government benefits we cannot afford.

If Kansas is to get it's economic house in order it must cut back spending on goods and services. Raising taxes is not a solution as government hogging the nations capital is already at unsustainable levels.

Kansas is better off than some states but thats no consolation because the economy everwhere here and abroad is in depression.

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Saturday Column: Clinton coronation may not benefit party, nation

Hillary Clinton and family are shameful grifters. Hundreds of millions dnated to family charity foundation with only a 15% pass through to the poor and needy. 85% goes to Clintons and their friends. When do these greedy self serving psychopaths have enough money? How many billions do they need? How much influence can they peddle to the detriment of our rapidly declining country? How many poor folks can they betray today?

Those who defend these Sociopaths do so at the risk of destroying the once great Democrat Party. Republicans are only marginally better as they are dominated by inside the beltway influence peddlers who are more inept grifters compared to the Clinton Family Pro's.

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Business group launches Kansas radio campaign on taxes

Senator Denning, shame on you. The state currently has a spending problem. You legislators spend way too much in your zeal to placate all the special interests. Do the right thing for a change. Don't tax more. SPEND LESS!

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Letter: A few rules

Who is this Brownkoch creature that terrifies you so? Do you obsess and dream about it nightly?

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Letter: A few rules

The second amendment as constitutional right is not intended to make state authority feel safer. It's intended for citizens to protect themselves from those inside or outside of government who would tyrannize them.

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Letter: A few rules

Richard, which is it this Brownback fellow represents? Big big government, fascist policies, and intrusion into the personal lives of we the people OR laissez faire deregulating libertarian? You seem a bit muddled in your message regarding our Governor.

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Editorial: Losing ground

The sense of entitlement among Educators, instructors and administrators alike, is simply breathtaking. Kansas State University President Kirk Schulz is outraged that his porridge is getting cold saying in a letter to the Topeka Capital-Journal, “Freezing tuition without any increase in state support will severely limit our ability to maintain the quality academic programs our students deserve.”

In other words, don't dare ask us educators to innovate and tighten our belts in the process, give us more, BOTH increased state funds and increased tuition. Fuggitaboutit President Kirk- be resourceful for a change like every darn family in the state has to be resourceful in this era of masked economic depression and devaluation of the dollars we hold in savings. We're on to your incessant search for a bigger piece of the pie for yourself and your cronies.

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Letter: A better future

Carbon tax. Dream on minions of the sanctified green coalition. The jigs up. Anthropic catastrophic global warming is a hoax in search of new converts willing to believe in undocumented nonsense. Interpolated smoothed and massaged data, embargoed data, schemes to "hide the decline", predictions that miss by factors of ten, predictions that always overshoot actual temperature data, temperature records that are adjusted downward in decades and centuries past and adjusted upward in current times: this is not science this is propaganda mixed with leftist jujitsu twisting reality to fit the need for more centralized state power, more bureaucratic entitlement, more taxpayer servitude.

No wonder nations are abandoning the warmest paradigm. Citizens have finally caught on to the deceit and madness of crowds. They will not pay more taxes to fund the party in Davos or Copenhagen. Government has blown it's chance to skin yet another generation of suckers.

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National reports show tuition rates rising as state funding for higher education declines

The cost of educating students is rising and has been rising rapidly for several decades. Increased tuition costs are caused by reduced direct payments to colleges from the state, increased numbers of administrators and adjunct administrative personnel, increased costs of benefits for teachers and administrators and staffs, increased building and maintenance costs for ever more sophisticated and expensive data handling, library, gym and athletic venues.
The States are not going to increase their spending to support higher education as the citizens refuse to become permanent tax slaves for the benefit of upper echelon academics, bureaucrats, and politicians.

If college instructors are to maintain their present level of salary and benefits they must demand savings in capital building and maintenance costs as well as decrease in the number of Administrators and their ancillary minions. The additional money is not going to come from continued relentless tuition increases or increased direct payments from government and the tax base.

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Letter: Money talks

This issue is not going away. Government, that is the politicians we elect to run government on our behalf, want big corporate money in trade for laws that protect big business interests. Don't you see how it works? Politicians who represent big government not the governed want the status quo. Big government and big business are really two sides of the same coin. We must refuse to reelect politicians who pander to business interests.

Note both political party's are guilty of this dereliction of political duty to the electorate. We are guilty for letting them get away with the game. We are guilty because one party panders to half of us while the other party panders to the other half. They are geniuses at dividing us, pitting us against one another so that they can enrich themselves beyond their wildest dreams. Look at how well the Bush's, the Clintons, the Obamas, the Al Gore's are doing- millions upon millions of net worth added after their public service.

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