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Letter: Perfect storm

Any hard working kansan can ask for good salaries. They all deserve them too. Unfortunately public sector salaries already average some 46% more than private sector salaries. In part this is due to very high taxes which choke the private sector and rob citizens of the ability to keep a fair share of their hard earned wages. Taxes that pay state public employees so much more than their private sector counterparts are a travesty which will not be sustained despite the constant bleatings of lobbyists pandering for more. More!

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Letter: Perfect storm

Richard, you have compiled a near exaustive list of current DNC and Harry Reid talking points in the past years campaign solicitations.

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Letter: Perfect storm

James, wrong. Americans, seemingly, love selling their liberty off to the highest bidder. Why else the media love affair with all so called progressive special interests. Immelt and G.E. can offshore billions in profit and pay zero taxes. George Soros buys politicians and the current administration with billions and billions of special interest payola. Silicon Valley and google literally own the special Apps used by to ease drop on common citizens and political as well as State enemies. B.P. oil fouls the gulf by risky drilling rights purchased from the Current administration and is given a free pass by sycophant media and party elites who turn blind eyes to treachery. Wall Street bankers and investors skim off the vast Q.E. wealth funded by us the taxpayers- we get crumbs. Those bankers own the politicians whose corruption has become legendary and is duly noted by us serfs who are aware of their deceit. But you are wrong to believe Americans can't be bought. Without an honest press to inform us we are easily duped.

Thank God for the few wealthy who are willing to go to bat for their interests as well as the interests of liberty and are willing to battle the established special interests who have already bought this country.

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Letter: Perfect storm

G.G., You paint your straw man with a broad brush. The Kochs seem to me to appreciate liberty and fear governments' great accumulation of power. You are seemingly blind to the huge special interest steamroller that promotes bigger government in order to buy it's power to promote this or that law which which gives it power over competitors and free men. The Kochs are not the tyrrany you fear. Politicians bought and sold are to be feared. Corrupt government power is to be feared. Lies by the highly favored are the danger.

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Letter: Perfect storm

Fred Atchison hustles the favorite DNC whine. Attack the Kochs and hope that the nation doesn't notice that the majority of the Rich and Famous long ago crawled in bed with the leftist Democrat agenda in order to more easily buy government favor. Folks our government has been sold to the Immelts, Schmidts, Gates, Buffets, Wall Street Bankers, Hyde Park elites, Marthas vinyarders, Teachers Unions, Big Pharma, Trial Lawyers, Hollywood elites, Silly Celebrities, Media Mavens, Financiers, Big City Pols, Big Medicine, Academic Grant recipients, wealthy and spoiled brats of the enviornmentalist religion.

Unfortunately most wealthy individuals who trend conservative are cowards and fear the media and celebrity attacks lead by demogouges like Harry Read and the dupes who echo his slander.

The Kochs are one of the few uber wealthy who oppose most of the above special interests death grip on political dialog. God Bless their courage and integrity in opposing the juggernaut expansion of government power and their support for Liberty.

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Letter: Ike bench?

Ike was no Rhino. He loathed crony capitalism the hall mark of modern day DC politics practiced today. He was fearful of entangling government money and influence in academic discovery and comingling political ambition with the power of wealthy elites of all stripes. Rhino's celebrate big government and cherish those who buy it and sell it. Ike was no Rhino.

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Letter: Ike bench?

John, there's no shortage of faulting the Koch's and Brownback in these hallowed pages.

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Letter: Ike bench?

When we celebrate others with civic honors we judge them. Is Burroughs, in your judgement worth such honors? Do we celebrate him or his ideology?

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

I guess the problem is that small shop bakers and photographers around the country are being sued for not providing catering and photography at events they don't support or would prefer not to become involved with. They are forced to make contracts for their services by constraint of law. The question is should their rights to refuse contract service generated by their talent and toil be threatened by law courts?

I understand quite well that not everyone sees the world as I do. That is as it should be, and I applaud their freedom to see the world as they wish. It would seem that the bill of rights should ensure my freedom to contract my services as I choose as long as I don't discriminate by race or religion. Many would jump at the opportunity to service the events in question. Others would prefer not to be compelled by law to contract for services they choose not perform.

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Letter: Sinful lifestyle

Our freedom is protected by the rule of law, including the Bill of Rights. Said Bill enumerates prohibitions on the Governments power which prevent it from interfering with citizens rights to associate, speak, bear arms, pursue happiness, etc.. The rub comes when the Central power decides that I must provide service to those who are celebrating something I consider dangerous, irresponsible, and demoralizing to myself and the community at large. Public accommodations laws require us to serve all without discrimination based on race or religion. These laws were hard fought and in retrospect were, in justice, needed to redress past habits of harm stemming from the historical evil of slavery.

Must we, without regard to race, bake cakes and provide wedding photos to those celebrating that which we believe imprudent, immoral, and dangerous to society? Must we be part of that celebration against our will? Are we to be compelled by raw government power and threat of fine or jail to contract with those we would rather not contract with? Could not those wishing to have cakes and photos contract with others who freely choose to supply them?

As in the metaphor used by Aaron McGrogor above must we be forced to eat fish if we find them abhorrent to us based upon grounds of principle or taste or even religion?

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