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Kansas Senate approves largest tax increase in state history; House will consider it Monday

It is difficult to cut back the size and scope of overextended government. So many ox's to gore and be gored. I applaud the Kansas Legislature's efforts to begin the process of bringing state spending to reasonable levels. We've a long way to go. Why not try across the board cuts in spending- say 3% per year for next 3 years. Let people keep more of their hard earned money. The current tax burden on the middle class is punitive and destructive.

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Letter: School attack

Tax payers have a right to have the use of some of their own tax dollars. That's a matter of simple fairness, justice. All social classes and racial groups when polled want to have Parental choice in education. Even Washington DC minorities (blacks) wanted to have parental choice and were greviously betrayed by their own political leadership as it responded to the Teachers Unions, reflexive leftists, and public School Administrators- the very factions that oppose the just allocation of tax payers funds for education to all citizens.

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Letter: School attack

Richard, Indeed tax dollars are ours to spend. That includes those of us who currently home school or send our kids to non-public schools. In fairness to all of us citizens, choice in education is the best way to both allocate spending from the public purse, and drastically improve the current schools both public and private.

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Letter: School attack

Public funding for Kansas public schools is up well over 100 million dollars from last year. That's alot of money. Public spending on education from taxation is higher than it has ever been in the history of Kansas. Yet the money is still not enough for those who earn their living spending those tax dollars. Spending for public education will never be enough for the public teachers unions, the administrators, those in construction industry that cater to public school building projects,

This is the 34 th letter or editorial written by promoters of ever more costly public schools. One has to marvel at their persistance in factual error regarding motives and phantom cuts in total education spending. What is their real motive? Could it be self interest?

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Kansas GOP touts school funding law; districts look to cut

When is enough, enough? 176 million more dollars this year for education. Thats a lot of money.

Hello there school lobbyists, your expectations aren't being met? They will never be met because you always want more, after all thats what you're paid for. Well most of us Kansan's have had enough. Make do with what you have. Quit asking for more. Tax payers are sick of the nonsense, carping, and rhetorical bullying.

Hopefully fed up citizens' push back is just beginning.

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Opinion: GOP takes anti-government turn

Mr. Pitts,
Opinion polls indicate US Government's approval and trustworthiness has never been lower. Why would that be?
The middle class has not had a real increase in income in over a decade, yet taxes inexorably rise. The urban core is a seething cauldron of resentment and unrest directed primarily at an out of control criminal Justice system, failed government schools that neither socialize, gratify, or educate students, and welfare policies that all agree have virtually destroyed the black family.
The top 1% of 1% provide 40% of funding of political campaigns and successfully buy our political leaders who are corrupt and eager to sell our freedom. Not all are corrupt but far too many are- all party's.
Most do not trust their own government as they feel it lies to them routinely, fudges economic facts and trends, and has only the well being of politicians themselves and their special interest clients at heart.
Most people believe, that many, way too many, in government are liars, and when challenged on their lies they deny, stone wall, delay, destroy evidence and do whatever it takes to have their way and avoid accountability. Most people believe the media, like yourself Mr. Pitts, is corrupt, biased, willfully blind, and marching to the tune it's own ideological demons. Most people believe that too many leaders of business, media, government, education, business are likely corrupted by a system that is out of touch with moral codes that protect people from one anothers' darkest angels.
Most people believe that many of the best among us have failed us, have succumbed to the temptations of the well placed to aggrandize themselves at the expense of those they claim to love and help. These 'most people' can be found anonymously in nearly every opinion poll questioning our opinion of government leaders, media, business leaders, Educators, etc.. Democrats, Republicans, Socialists, Independents all agree: America has become corrupt at the very top and must be held to account.

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Letter: School questions

We the owners of the public school system want accountability for our Administrators, curriculum advisors, and teachers. We the owners of the public school system want parental choice in education. We the owners of the public school system want our public schools to have legitimate competition for students and resources so that they will be the best they can be. We want choice in education because we want better pedagogy and less radical social experimentation, less harping on 'victim' social science which breeds loathing and resentment and undifferentiated guilt or sense of entitlement.

We want traditional Judeo-Christian values to have a level playing field as alternatives to failed social conflict theory and the eager moral relativism of the current academic elites.

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Attorney: Kansas need not have best school funding system

How in the world can tax payers, citizens of the state of Kansas, always be taxed more and more to fill the insatiable appetite of those who would have us spend every last penny we have in our savings. Taxpayers cannot pay for every seemingly good idea that comes along. Especially when a many "great ideas" turn out to have disastrous unintended consequences. Judges and legislators must realize the limits of tax payers patience and where-with-all. More, more, more is what the public sector wants to take from the taxpayer. They'll keep taking till they ruin this state. Where in the heck is the Administrative common sense and innovation needed to do more with less like all of us in the private sector and on fixed incomes have had to do for over a decade now. Be resourceful, for crying out loud?

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Letter: School questions

Richard, even a smart Alec gets it right on occasion. Governor Brownback is attempting to lower the rate of increase in Kansas spending. We in America have 94 million who have dropped out of the labor force. If we measured unemployment as we did in 1938 during the last great depression we would be at 21% today. If we measured as we did in 1988 we would be at 11.5% today. We are in a great depression that is covered up by statistical manipulation and the willful ignorance of the 4th estate.

Public schools received 77 million more in this budget than they received in the last one. For the big government spenders, those who benefit from tax dollars financially, a failure to get the full amount you hope for is not a cut in spending. 77 million dollars is not chickenfeed. Especially in a time of financial of financial stagflation-depression. Remember the middle class have not received an increase in real income for over a decade, yet taxes inexorably rise because the public entitlement class have a powerful lobby- like you Richard.

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Letter: Fighting for schools

John, Why shouldn't all children be eligible for special needs funding and services no matter where they are schooled. In our town, for example a speech pathologist is available for public, private, and home schooled students. Tax payers don't give up their need or right for tax payer funded services because they don't go to a public school. Administrators of all schools should be able to work out where and how special needs children will best be supported and cared for by the available special needs teachers and paras. Duplicating facilities could be minimized by providing highly specialized services in a central location.

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