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City prosecutor reveals details of Mario Little's diversion agreement

Most misdemeanor assault cases go to diversion for first time offenders (unless the person really thinks they are innocent). There is no special treatment for a KU athlete here. It is just reality. And it not such a bad thing, all things considered.

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Just another Tuesday night....

Aw, come on, Rantor.

Ya gotta like the Barker joke.

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Downtown concert plan seems to have city leaders' support

It's not planned as a free show, guys.

jes sayin.

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Young denies accepting Miami job

Great reporting.

Which frickin Miami?

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Wakarusa music festival considers venue change

* But how many parents would subject their kids to all the other crap that goes on other than music at the Wakie?
Gopher, what "other crap" have you seen out there, that damaged your children?

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Cameras, checkpoints gone

Todd Snider - Statistcian's Blues
Wakarusa 2006
64% of the world's statistics are made up right there on the spot
82.4% of people believe them whether they're accurate statistics or not
I don't know what you believe, but I do know there's no doubt
I need another double shot of something 90 proof, I got too much to think about

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