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Obama’s public approval ratings hard to explain

Dolph's whole commentary was nothing more than drivel, the tired RNC talking points disproven again and again. What is it Obama's administration hasn't been transparent about? Has he lied us into war? Has he had secret meetings and refused to give a list of who attended? Has he outed CIA agents' cover? Yes, he used Executive Privilege, ONCE, and yet Presidents going back to George Washington have done so - GW Bush used it six times and I don't recall any whining out of Dolph. Yes, unemployment has stayed above 8% but to understand that you have to comprehend a couple of things - First, we bled jobs at the end of Bush's admin, 700,000 jobs per month lost while team Bush told us the economy retracted at 4.5% at the time Obama made his comment about getting it down - of course it turned out to have retracted 8.9% and as a result we lost a lot more jobs (remember its a lagging indicator, Dolph). Second, every respected economist outside GOP think tanks told us the stimulus wasn't big enough but it was the most we could get at the time. Third, a lot of Republican governors decided not to take the stim money or to take it and use it to balance their budgets rather than stimulate the economy through infrastructure spending. How is it Obama's fault that Rep Governors would rather let their people suffer than allow a Democratic President's program to work? In terms of class warfare, it's hardly the Democrats who started that. It's the Reps who keep telling us if we pamper the rich the benefits will "trickle down" to the rest of us. Bush tax cuts in effect for more than a decade and all they did was add a couple trillion to the deficit and line the pockets of the already wealthy. In terms of Romney, you can whine about him being no richer than others but his richness is not the point, it's the fact he's oblivious to the fact he's rich in part because the playing field is not level. If you work for your money you pay 35% taxes but if your money works to make money you pay maybe 15%. How about a guy like Romney who lobbies for Federal tax credit on a home because of its historic value and then once he has it, submits plans to bulldoze it to build a compound for himself and his adult children and their families? How about Romney asking Perry to bet $10,000 the way a normal person would ask to bet a dollar or $5? How about Romney stating he didn't make much in speaking fees and having it turn out to be over $375,000? Why I, as a voter, want to see his tax returns is not because he's rich, but because I would like to know more of the nature of his investments and his workaround our tax code the rest of us have to live by. I'm curious about the insurance company he invests in, offshore, that profiteered off 9.11 by charging 300-400% of normal casualty rates, and how much he has moved to tax havens...the facts of Bain and his "retroactive retirement" are pathetic as is your carte blanche support for a proven liar.

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Lt. Gov. Colyer says Republicans may use budget reconciliation to overturn federal health care law

I am so SICK of Brownback and his cronies living in bizaro-world and refusing to recognize the problem health care is in this country. We finally get some sensible legislation through that benefits the people instead of just lining the pockets of the insurance co's and here come the lame brained Cons to take it all away. The Republican Party should be renamed the Repugnant Party.

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Which is your favorite 24-hour cable news channel?

LOL, Faux ahead, no surprise there, rednecks approve of being lied to as long as the hate fits their narrow little minds

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Brownback voices disapproval of Obama rule on contraceptives

Brownback, how about you and Rick Santorum peddle this horse puckey in Iran if you want to live in a theocracy so dang bad. I'm sick of you American Taliban lunatics thinking your religious views should control the lives of everyone.

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Who will pay?

The GOP is a train wreck. They will do everything they can to protect Big Biz and tax loopholes, subsidies to those that don't need them, but absolutely nothing to help the citizens.

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Kansas House panel postpones vote on abortion bill

I'm so sick of the religious right, their American Taliban hypocrisy is disgusting.

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Pipeline decision

The pipeline would not have done any of the miraculous things the Big Oil liars claim but we can count on all the faux snooze parrots to repeat their claims ad nauseum.

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Proposed ban on abortion introduced in Kansas House

Anyone surprised Brownback the zealot and his monions did this? The evangeicals, America's Taliban just can't come to terms with the fact abortion is a legal medical procedure and whether they like it or not, America is not now, has never been and will never be a theocracy.

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Lobbyist coercion

DIST, get a grip, 98% of the House GOP and 87% of the Sentate GOP is pretty much all when the few left follow suit, pledge or no pledge. The fact the GOP sold out America to their loyalty to this pissant lobbyist nobody voted for is still valid.

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Voters’ wishes

The GOP didn't mind when Bush got us into two wars and didn't once budget for either. The GOP didn't mind when he shoved NCLB on America and didn't budget for it. The GOP didn't mind when he gave the prescription Rx plan gift to Big Pharma and didn't budget for it. The GOP didn't mind when he let $800 billion in pork slide by without ever using the veto pen on a spending bill. The GOP didn't mind when Bush took more than a year of vacation. The GOP didn't mind when Bush's team lost billions of our cash in Iraq. The GOP didn't mind when Bush's tax cut to the wealthiest Americans added $2 Trillion to our deficit and FAILED to stimulate the economy or create jobs. The GOP didn't mind when Bush lied about "the fundamentals of the economy are strong", right up to the day he handed out bailouts with no strings attached - no accounting required, no payback required. The GOP loyalty to Norquist, a lobbyist that nobody voted for, over the citizenry of this country is disgusting. The President is right, trickle down has NEVER worked. Just as Reagan deregulating S & L's in the 80's led to foxes guarding those hen houses and the subsequent collapse of the industry and federal takeover of more than 740 institutions, so too did Paulson's successful lobbying of the Bush admin to deregulate banking in nonsensical ways led to the overleveraged of those banks and abuse that damn near brought down the whole economy. But now, oh well now we're supposed to believe they're all about fiscal conservancy? Sure, and I got a bridge to sell ya.

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