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Controversy nominal over proposed constitutional amendments

hahahahhaha. good point. we really need to protect against all those wackos who want to get rid of traditional marriage.

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Intellect matters in candidates

If you think the movement with which you associate yourself is in any way standing up to "the man", you are sadly mistaken.

I can see why you think that these "old men" lost when they tried to reason with you. They probably gave up when you refused to give any meaningful response to their points. Similar to the meaningless and unrelated drivel you just responded to my post with.

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Intellect matters in candidates

Not "stolen", those lands were conquered or purchased legally, except the Cherokee, but that got Oklahoma as compensation so it all worked out.

Wow. Just wow.

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Intellect matters in candidates

Sometimes evidence requires multiple layers of thought and examination. The beautiful traits of these clauses is that they create a delicate balance when applied to actual situations. For example, a school may not prevent a child from wearing religiously significant apparel because it would violate the Free Exercise Clause. At the same time, a public school could not carry out any organized religious observance because it would effectively be an endorsement of that religion and a violation of the Establishment Clause. Now, when we talk about things, we like to come up with short summaries of certain ideas for expedience's sake. Hence, the phrase "separation of church and state". It's there, you just have to think a little bit.

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Intellect matters in candidates

Care to make a side by side list of Obama "gaffs"(sic) versus Bush gaffes?

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Intellect matters in candidates

Pretty much every legitimate historian of colonial history would tell you that none of our Constitution's framers were "escaping" England's tyranny. They were a privileged upper class of people who had extraordinary economic and political gains to be made by achieving independence from England.

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Chat with Linda Robinson, Democratic candidate for Kansas House District 45


1. Yes, lots of people are suggesting that we aren't providing a quality education. I would include myself in this number. I am a product of our school system and have worked in our school system for the past two years, so yes, I am qualified to speak on the subject.

2. Invest does not have a singular meaning of "put it all in the market." She might mean that, for once, we should raise the amount of money going into KPERS, rather than cutting it with empty promises and plans to pay it back in the future.

3. How would aggressively pursuing clean energy alternatives not create the same short term job solutions? Not only does the coal plant not address the long term problem, it makes it worse!

4. By doing the same things that Repubs would do for companies like Sunflower Electric. Beneficent tax and regulatory environments, supportive infrastructure, helping to negotiate exportation deals with other states, etc.

I don't claim to speak for Mrs. Robinson but it doesn't take a whole lot of brainpower to answer those questions. Anything tougher?

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Rape is reported on KU campus

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USD 497 - Excessive Administration Costs


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Last resort

the belt has already been tightened. all of the "easy" cuts have already been made since last year. closing elementary schools would address a lot of inefficiencies which resulted from our district choosing to build a high number of small population schools over the years. it would enable administrators to maintain balanced class sizes if they need to cut additional staff positions. it would also greatly reduce the number of traveling teachers who currently serve multiple buildings in addition to the operational costs which would be saved. it makes more sense than this column gives it credit for.

nevertheless, a future column might be well used by looking into the amount of salary dollars which go to people at the district offices and what exactly they all do to enhance the education of our children. Dr. Doll is a mercenary who was hired to transition lawrence to a 4 year high school system and then retire. is this something that we really should be pursuing in a time of budget crisis? maybe the LJW should do a little educating of themselves on the reality of the situation before they take such a nuanced stance such as "closing schools is bad."

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