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A look at the stakes and the possible debates in the tax dispute between The Oread and City Hall

Mr. Lawhorn,

Excellent reportage; thank you for clarifying a complicated situation. A diagram displaying the links between Oread Wholesale and The Varsity House would clarify even further. Also, what are the opportunity costs for the $500k that may go back to this company? Parks and Rec? Police salaries?

I agree that the court of public opinion may be more important if only for the (reinforced?) precedent: the public - and future city politicians - may be more skeptical of special taxing districts and more attuned to the chicanery that they can produce.

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Rising above: Ben McLemore elevates above adversity

Yikes! Every day must be pretty confusing, what with it being the happiest and the saddest day of his life. I guess I'd rather have that than have every day being the worst day of my life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PzzLX...

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If you had to relive one day in your life what day would it be?

Agreed. She means that she'd go back so that she could un-see them. And thereby remove Satan's splinter from her eye and the dark prince's piercing wail from the inner recesses of her worm-riddled brain. If she had any real decency, though, she'd go back to the inception of the band-which-will-not-be-named and prevent its malformed birth.

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Names of driver and cyclist in Tuesday accident released

I ride for both pleasure and transportation. And I have a concealed carry permit. I'm courteous and obey traffic laws. But I'm also prepared.

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Driver in head-on crash had prior DUIs

I'd bring a lawn chair to the public hanging of this human of the week. They still dish out the death penalty for wanton discourtesy and gross negligence, right?

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Do you have a favorite restaurant in Lawrence?

1. Free State: best beer, avocado chimichurri is delightful
2. Saigon Cafe: best pho
3. Wheatfields: best sandwiches
4. Thai Siam: best pad thai
5. Mirth: best pancakes

So many to choose from (715, Mad Greek, Miltons, Ingredient, Papa Kenos all rate), but these are my top 5.

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Kansas opts out of federal Recreational Trails Program

Excellent comments Claire; I'd agree that KS' decision is probably shortsighted. The preventive med/ cycling/ hiking community needs a more powerful lobby in DC. The fed bill shouldn't have allowed states to opt out of designating money for trails without losing that money. I'd wager that those states that did not opt out (the other 48) will not, unless forced, use that pot of cash for trail upkeep.

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KU proposes tuition hike of nearly 5 percent, effective next fall

The GI Bill is pretty generous. Join up for a few years and get a big chunk of your schooling paid for - you'll get some experience and good stories too. Sure there are occupational hazards, but c'est la vie, makes for even better stories.

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Obama announces support for gay marriage

Or at least mind-blowing discourse.

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