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Thieves entering unlocked garages in rash of burglaries across city, police say

Those aren't the only places. They forgot to mention my neighborhood off of Inverness. And, yes, it was reported to the police. The thieves broke into the cars and got the garage door openers. It was after an anti-gang door-to-door fund raiser that was a crock. So, check your cars, folks! Don't let missing openers go unnoticed. Now that is an easy way to get access.

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Lawrence man, 29, sentenced to prison for sexually assaulting 13-year-old girl

It is amazing how people close to offenders always think there is another side that justifies the guy's actions, or somehow explains how it is all incorrect. It is ridiculous! This frame of mind is a distinct problem. Just because you know someone or care about them doesn't mean you should only see what you want to see. Sex offenders can't be cured. They won't. They will fight the rest of their lives to overcome their urges- if the therapy works- and will probably give in someday. If it doesn't, they will just repeat their crimes sooner rather than later.

These sex offenders are the reason that we as parents can't let our kids play alone outside, or walk to the park alone, or ride their bikes out of our line of vision, or spend the night with a friend whose father we don't know. These sex offenders don't just change the lives of the children they abuse, but also of all the families who have to watch out for them day in and day out.

If this guy in this article pled guilty, then there isn't a doubt. He should be put away. There is not enough of a hidden or back story to change that. He is a sex offender who should be punished. Don't forget, there are many parents out there who would take much more drastic action against someone who hurt their child. A few years away in a cell somewhere? Not strong enough, not long enough, and will in no way cure it. But at least it will get this guy away from kids for a few years.

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Sound Off: Why is Lone Star Lake closed to all water activities from June 25-28?

It's just some spraying for weeds that are taking over in the water. It is posted, and has been for some time. It will make fishing and water activities much more enjoyable. The weeds look like aquarium weeds that have totally taken over!

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FBI: Search for KC baby leads to Shawnee landfill

It is awful and sad. Regarding the cell phones taken...if the dad was at work, why was his cell taken from the home? That part is not clear to me. And I hate that it ends up being the parents in most of these cases. Awful and horrible.

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Judge orders 30-year-old Lawrence man to stand trial on child abuse charges

Tough to make that call, but the grandmother did the right thing. Kudos for putting those children's well-being ahead of the mother and mother's boyfriend. It is hard to turn in a loved one, I am sure, but the daughter was letting her boys down by abusing them and allowing abuse.

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South Lawrence Trafficway fatal accident victim is from Lyndon

This is heartbreaking. What a terrible tragedy for that family. I can't stress enough that people need to be responsible. Tie your stuff down. Secure it. Don't attempt to do it half-assed. Things like this can be avoided with better care and attention. Something similar happened the same day in Independence. Terribly tragedies.

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Former Lawrence dance instructor Justin Kessel to serve three years' probation for possessing child pornography

That is disgusting. As the parent of several small children, I am disgusted that someone like that could be teaching them dance, or in their vicinity. When are we going to figure out that therapy never works. They never stop. I had a conversation once with a sex crime expert, and he said that it never ends with them. The therapy will help them combat the urges that never go away. And that with a sex predator, it is never "if"...it is always "when". Makes me sick.

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Lawrence Klansman convicted in 1996 of murder in Jefferson County up for parole

I understand the family wanting the best for their relative. It is only natural. The problem seems to be that they don't know the best thing. They think it is best to have him out and about. He is a Klansman. He was involved in nefarious activities. He was convicted. Family of this man: It is best that he is in prison. That is where he belongs.

If I had a violent criminal white supremacist in my family, I would understand that the world would be better off with him in prison. It is only time before those people turn on their own families and friends, and then it wouldn't be so easy for them to say "Let him go." But those people he hurt? Those are someone's family. The people he could have potentially hurt, and would in the future? Those are someone's family.

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Do you favor requiring first-time DUI offenders to use ignition interlock devices?

People know they aren't supposed to drink and drive. They know intellectually that it causes accidents and death. But even being pulled over is far from the worst thing that could happen. I think they should be forced to use the breathilizer as well as seeing pictures and video of other drunk driving accidents. Maybe even videos in Imax so they can feel the devastation. They got off light by being pulled over, when they could have killed someone or been killed. No punishment is really too hard, when it is just luck that kept them from being a statistic.

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Westboro Baptist Church members agree to not protest slain Arizona child's funeral

They are formed of pure hatred. I have never understood how they can be allowed to attend these events and cause such problems. It isn't always just about the right to demonstrate. There are also basic rights of morality and decency. And, seriously, surely the evil that is bred in those children could be somehow mitigated. To see those little children holding signs of hatred, and spewing filth is beyond disgusting.

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