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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

Being "gassed" is completely different from participating in a great learning simulation. This simulation has no chance of hurting any student. The line moves slow enough that every student is safe and there is no chance of being harmed.

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District orders changes to 8th grade slavery lesson

As student at Central, I participated in the slavery simulation, and loved the experience. I still remember it now, in 10th grade. I learned a lot from the simulation and I enjoyed it. The fact that this lesson is being called into question now, after many years of Mr. Wormsley teaching it, makes me wonder why all of a sudden there seems to be a problem with it. It makes me so angry that one administrator has a problem with it and now they're considering forcing Mr. Wormsley to ax the simulation. As far as I know, all of my classmates enjoyed the lesson too. We all learned so much and it helped us understand what slavery what actually like in the Civil War era. I think Mr. Wormsley is one of the best history teachers I've had, if not the best.

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