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What are you looking forward to about fall?

Have seen Darin all around town from time to time...pretty sure he isn't a hair stylist...

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What is your favorite dinosaur?

Bob Dylan, Keith Richards, my 2006 model PC laptop, or Don Rickles

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Sam Brownback was the only other governor to attend the prayer rally hosted by Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who has said he will likely run for president. Do you think Brownback would make a good vice presidential candidate on that ticket?

Seems like a perfect move, since GSB is using this so pathetic its laughable job as guvnah a way to springboard to a run for presidency. GRP needs to pick him...whatever it takes to get the worst governor in the history of our state out of office.

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KU's new QB Brock Berglund says his skill set has elements of Tim Tebow, Michael Vick and Peyton Manning

No matter how good this kid is, with our non-existent offensive line, this poor kid is a dead man.

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Police release name of Oread fall victim

Does this incident have anything to do with the lightning strike I heard that morning that I am willing to bet was in the area of the Oread Hotel on the morning that this guy died? I live quite close to the football stadium, and I would bet money that the strike I heard came from that direction...

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Time out: Kansan Chely Wright becomes first openly gay country star

Will someone please tell me why this is important, let alone newsworthy?

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An emotional exit: Teary-eyed Xavier Henry declares for 2010 NBA Draft

Dear Xavier,

I'm sure you know this by now, but you definitely needed to stay in college for at least one more year before thinking about going pro. Sorry man, but I just didn't see consistency in your game this season. Yeah, I know that everyone talks about the NBA being a league based on potential, but quite honestly, I didn't see the potential playing itself out during your first and only year at the NCAA level.

So really, was this decision to go pro an honest decision that you 100% made by yourself, or is this yet another example of a prima donna out of Putnam City, Oklahoma letting daddy make all of his decisions for him, based on daddy (whose long and prestigious NBA career lasted all of 28 games with a subpar at best Kansas City Kings team) wanting to live vicariously through his youngest son?

Think about it...

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Chinese see U.S. side of July Fourth

Wow Marion...racist much? Wake up!

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Definition of a ‘chick flick’: Filmgoers offer their take on the movie cliché

Does someone want to tell my why this is newsworthy? Surely there are more important things going on in the world than the debate over 'chick flicks'.

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Bush should feel history’s sting

The thing that really intrigues me about the readership of the LJW is how, as a newspaper in the liberal mecca in the heart of the 'Red States of America', someone could possibly claim that Mr. Pitts's columns are using reverse racism. Given the fact that the so-called 'moral majority' in this nation helped put both the USA and ultimately the world through one of the most trying times in American and world history, and given the laundry list of failures by administrations during the W. Bush era, I really don't see how anyone could defend our (thankfully) outgoing administration.

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