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Jenkins meets with diverse groups during recess tour of her district

I replied to one of her mailings several years ago asking for a donation to her campaign. I wrote in red ink "remove my name and address from all mailing and calling lists". I haven't heard from her since! Give it a shot.

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Police searching for suspects who fled accident scene at 100 mph

Don't read the question, click the top answer and be done.

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I visited J & S Coffee for the first time today. Upon walking in, the smell of coffee was delightful. I ordered a vanilla latte. I received my order in a reasonable amount of time and left. I drove to the intersection of 6th and Wakarusa. While waiting at the light, I tried my first sip. The coffee was warm, not hot and I could only taste the milk--NO vanilla flavor and certainly NO coffee taste. I will not return.

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School renovation plans taking shape

The same schools that were in discussion for closure are now to be remodeled if a bond issue passes? That won't get my vote.

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Bitter end: K-State sweeps KU to end Jayhawks’ year

Under the current head coach, year in and year out, his teams do not execute the fundamentals of the game of baseball. Whether it is hitting cut off men, running bases, communicating with each other, backing up bases on thrown balls, hustle, his teams do not execute. I have watched many teams with far less talent come into our ball park and beat our brains in due to the teams lack of performing the proper fundamentals. Should you want to get an ear full, ask a major league scout what he thinks of Kansas Baseball.... It gets ugly.

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