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Opinion: Internet fuels ‘homegrown’ terrorists

Fighting terrorism starts at the top of our government. Our president called Waco a workplace attack, not Islamic Jihadist motivated. He is silent on Bengazi. He refuses to call Boston bombing orchestrated by Islamic Jihadist. Get the picture? We are back to a pre 9/11 mindset.
Someone needs to teach Barrack Hussein Obama how to pronounce - "Islamic Jihadist"

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Opinion: Nice guy McLemore must beware frauds who come with fame

Ben, you gave us 1 season of pure entertainment. Thanks for the memories and best of luck in the upcoming draft.

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Letter: Coach’s error

Withey was on the bench for a reason. When you are playing to win and advance who cares about a national blocking record? Regarding Johnson, yes, he blew the game in the last 10 seconds by over driving the rim. Only Johnson knows why he missed the opportunity for an open layup. KU should quit relying on combo guards and instead use a true point guard. Hopefully next season Tharpe will develop into a lethal pt. guard. Congrats on another stellar season and I look forward to watching a lot of young talent next season!

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KU basketball notebook: KU-Syracuse recalled; Scot Pollard kills it

Why are we recalling a huge loss to Syracuse?? I was there, it was painful watching all those missed free throws! It was like the basketball Gods were plotting against Roy since he was leaving KU.

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Jayhawks bemoan end for seniors

I lived in Wichita 19 years. They absolutely hate KU. I will not be rooting for them!

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Notebook: Michigan's Mitch McGary on low blow: 'It was intentional'

I will not miss Johnson! Our TO's this past season were unbelievable! How ironic that he ended the game and his career with a missed layup opportunity and then an erratic pass.

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UNC coach Roy Williams: Loss stings, but not because of history with KU

Yeah, Roy and the devil, Dean Smith did indeed have an agreement on recruiting. Roy west of the Miss. river and the devil everything east of the river. Thats why we ended up with all the softies from Calif. Self comes in and immediately starts getting players from all parts of the country including east coast! Roy's problem was that he sold his soul to the devil Dean Smith. I'm sure glad Roy left because we now have the younger, better, non-crying coach. ROCK CHALK!

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Kansas-Carolina more than coaches

WSU (mid major) played like a major last night. They were unconscious with their 3 pt. shooting. Highly unlikely they can keep hitting 3's like that in the Sweet 16. They certainly are in the easiest region.

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Notebook: Bill Self's 500th win 'was a good one'

17 3's - how did ISU loose the game? In March there will be plenty of 3 shooting so we must defend better or we will exit early.

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Jeff Withey wins Big 12 player award for second straight week

You've come a long way baby! Keep it up tonight at Ames!

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