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Picture perfect: Recruit Zach Peters says Kansas ideal

He says he molds his game after Hansbrough. I sure hope he's not an annoying dork like Hansbrough was.

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UNC coach Williams apologizes for Haiti remarks

UNC won't even make the NIT. NIT is for bubble teams and UNC is not even near the bubble right now. they have at least 3 regular season losses left in them....at Duke, at Wake, at Ga Tech. plus 1 loss in the ACC Tourney....that's 14 losses. at 17-14, they won't get in the NIT unless the committee just lets them in on name alone. from what i'm hearing out here
(i live in North Carolina), UNC won't even accept an NIT bid. we'll see......

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High school fans


You were at the game and saw it all. Why do you feel the need to complain about the LJW's lack of coverage/mention in its paper.....let alone write to the editor about it? You had the best seat in the house and saw what you wanted to see.
Although, I can understand if you wanted to see what coaches and players had to say after the game, get their thoughts, etc.

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KU's Hawk Week to include new activities along with old favorites

They can make it more environmentally friendly by getting rid of all of the snobby b*tches and stuck up frat rats at KU!

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