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Students wait outside McCollum Hall on the Kansas University campus, where officers are investigatin

EXACTLY what I was thinking... seems like it would be dangerous to let them all stand out there. Easy targets from the windows if in fact there is some maniac with a gun on the loose.

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The end of an era: Mangino out at Kansas

Fat jokes. What a shocker. Very original, guys.

Good luck Coach, and thanks for making football exciting again at KU.

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Early-morning fire reported at Perry Yacht Club

I saw some of the photos from the fire, it was really bad. I spent most of my childhood summers at PYC, and spent many years playing in the sandbox and running around the clubhouse. I'm sure they will build a much nicer one to replace it, but the old one held so many fond memories. I haven't been up there for a few summers, I wonder if the old photos and trophies were still in cases at the clubhouse? Would be very sad to lose that stuff as well.

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Vermont Street BBQ closing in four days

I was fortunate enough to work at Vermont St. BBQ for awhile, and honestly, I will NEVER work another place like that again. Everything about it was so tight knit and it was such a family environment between all the employees. Shad is a great, great guy, and I wish him much luck with what he does after this. I'm just sad I am 2,000 miles away and can't come in for one more brisket sandwich and Bloody Mary. RIP V-Street.

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Lawrence mother pleads not guilty to raping 4-year-old son

your = possesive
you're = contraction for YOU ARE.

If you're going to call people out for lack of intelligence, learn to use basic English that was taught way back in the 3rd grade. Just saying...

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Report: NFL star Michael Vick released from Kansas prison

I really hope that in his first day back in the "real world", a dog eats his face. Seriously.

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Do you have a new or favorite Web site?

Oh, I'm also quite a fan of quakes.usgs.gov/recenteqs/latest.htm

Continuous updates on earthquakes. I'm obsessed with tracking them because somehow it eases my unnatural fear of them.

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What was your favorite movie this past year?

I liked "Burn After Reading"...Brad Pitt was hilarious in that movie. And I liked "The Darjeeling Limited" a lot too...although I haven't found many people who would agree with me there. I thought it was very funny.

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Obama's inauguration

Aren't you people over this already?! MOVE ON. Support our current President, just as many had to support the one before him, regardless of his mistakes/corruption/etc...No one is perfect, and the wonderful about America is that WE as a nation voted him into office. Congratulations Mr. President. Prove the non-believers wrong.

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