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One transported to hospital after two-car accident at 900 Iowa

I really like the LJ World's sensationalist take to writing headlines. Here I am thinking there are people seriously injured, and then I read the snippett.

Bravo, copy editors, or the person who wrote this headline. You got me to click on the article. Thankfully, the meat of the story includes that the injuries are non-life-threatening, had me worried.

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Stimulus money going elsewhere

If we're going to use stimulus money for Clinton lake, it should be for a company that can clean all the sediment out of the bottom of the lake.

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Feeding the masses: Lawrence restaurants offer discounts to church crowd

Marion, you make a great point. It is a free country for now. Let's keep it that way and hope that Barry doesn't nationalize everything in sight and revive the fairness doctrine.

If a business wants to offer discount to people who believe in their own false prophet, (much like those who voted for Barry because they believe in hope), then by all means I'll go download a church bulletin from a local website and print it off and get my discount.

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Feeding the masses: Lawrence restaurants offer discounts to church crowd

From my experience in high school and many friends who worked in the service industry to pay their way through school, the church crowd are a bunch of cheapskates. I was so glad to take a desk job during college and not have to rely on tips to pay the rent. College kids and the church crowd are the worst tippers. I would hate to be waiting tables on these folks on a sunday afternoon.

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Different pictures emerge of events surrounding beating and kidnapping of Matthew Jaeger's ex-girlfriend

While I believe everyone should have a fair trial, this guy must be costing the state a lot. Kansas has to put on it's best performance against the top lawyer in the state.

Speaking of which, I wonder how much money his dad must be spending on him. The bond was $850K or something ridiculous. Having Pedro Irigonegaray defend you can't be cheap either.

This is like a smaller version of the Scott Peterson trial. Wow.

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Siemens plans wind turbine plant in Kansas

How many MW will this plant have? If I had to guess, about as much power from the coal plant being built will actually be used for Kansans.

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Farmers' Market fans flock to opening

Since when has the farmer's market sold pets?

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Major league munchies: Renovated Kauffman Stadium home to expanded array of culinary options

With all of the promotions, tickets aren't that bad. Remember, Jackson County residents are the ones funding a lot of this (Thanks Missouri!). That said, what
Easy_Does_It said is great for a team like the Royals. Improving, but not quite there yet. If you've got a family and get cheap tickets, you can spend more getting them snacks than you spent on tickets.

If they want to charge all this money for concessions, then why not let family bring in one small cooler just so people fill the seats. Ticket sales make more than concessions if you can fill the ball park, so why not allow it.

Another idea would be to put a couple QuickTrips in the "K" just like the Sprint Center has done. The sprint center seats more people and sells out most its events than the Royals do. Adding this option could really help draw folks to the ballpark. Kansas City is one of the cheapest places to see a MLB game. If a couple of parents don't have to worry about breaking their budget on concessions, then Royals tickets might not seem so bad.

I know last year when gas was twice what it is now, the Royals partnered with QuickTrip to offer free tickets to anyone that spent $40 to fill up their gas tank. Considering they have already done business with QuickTrip before, it would make sense to pull off this move.

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Jayhawk still alive among top 10 'pet' mascots

This list is crap. There are two "wildcats" and two "huskies" ranked over KU. Oh, and the ever original "cardinals," "eagles" and "bulldogs" are included in the list as well.

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Bringing neighborhoods' voices to the front is candidate's focus

"The creditors include credit card companies, payday loan companies, and a handful of local businesses."

Payday loan companies? Seriously??? I'm not going to trash this woman like the previous posters, but all I have to say is if you're going to payday loan companies for money, then you have no business running for office anywhere.

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