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Re-alignment hot topic at Big 12 meetings

“I think it’s very serious,” Beebe said. “And I think it’s something that we better be very careful about. If we come to a day where there are four 16-member conferences, then it’s going to be a sad day, and it’s going to be very difficult to not have more legal issues and interventions. The pressures will be immense for certain programs to be successful, (and) there will be less chances to win conference championships and national championships.”

I hope it happens. Let college athletics self destruct in the race for television rights revenues. Then college athletics can rid itself of the money grubbing, beancounter athletic directors and return to what it should be, a student activity practised by real student athletes.

Once the big money is gone, KU athletics will once again be something the citizens of Kansas and KU alumni can be proud of.

Oh, and good riddance Lew!

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KU must rein in athletics

I believe there is great value in athletics as a student activity. Athletic pursuits have greatly enriched my life, as anyone with a passion for golf understands. However, athletics at the university level should be practised by student athletes for the love of the game and the University and the vast majority of the spectators should be other interested students.

It is time for the nations universities to follow the lead of the Ivy League and abandon athletic scholarships entirely. It is time for the other professional sports leagues to follow the example of Major League Baseball and bear the costs of developing great young talent themselves with minor leagues. If none of those goals can be achieved it is time to require using the enormous sums of money obtained through sale of television rights for college athletic events for nothing other than scholarships, research, faculty, and facilities dedicated to academics.

I won't be holding my breath.

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Kansas playing dodgeball

I am also disappointed in the behavior of these young men, but not nearly as disappointed in them as I am in the Athletic Director. Everyone knows Lew is here to make the coffers swell, so we need to show him what happens when he turns a blind eye on this childish, and ungentlemanly, behavior in the extremely privileged young athletes that he provides with an avenue to pursue their talents and careers.

True Kansas fans should leave Memorial Stadium empty Saturday Sept 26th. I will keep my tickets in the bureau drawer and not attend. Will anyone join me?

We should also leave Allen Field House empty on Late Night, and not attend the first exhibition game either.

Perhaps that would help Lew Perkins gain the proper perspective on this incident and demand that those accountable for this scandal, yes, that is what he has allowed it to become, be held responsible.


Not harsh enough.

Scholarship revocations and expulsions?


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City considers bus shuttle for KU football game days

I would absolutely take advantage of this. Having deferred ever buying another season ticket until the money grubbing Perkins is deposed, I now pay the scalpers premium for tickets, and 20 bucks a game to park in a yard where I wait an hour for reveling fans to return for their vehicles and traffic to clear. I can have an excellent lunch downtown instead of a lousy hot dog in an alleyway. I would ride this shuttle at $10 and consider it a bargain! And I agree with those who say it is foolish to subsidize it. Advertise and promote it. Make a big deal of it. Have the downtown restaurants and watering holes offer a special with a shuttle ticket stub, or even offer the shuttle tickets at a discount to their game day patrons. It can work without the subsidy.

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Abortion provider George Tiller found not guilty

Don't the anti-choicers understand anything?

It doesn't matter to anyone in the legislature supporting your crusade what you think or what you believe in. If they wanted to write a law to end abortion they would do so. The US Supreme Court would then rule it to be unconstitutional - but that isn't the point.

The point is that those legislators and politicians have no intention of stopping the practice of abortion at any time in the human gestation period. If they did, what reason would you have for funneling dollars into their campaign coffers? Would you really contribute to their campaign if all they could promise was to try to put an end to all this ridiculous persecution of corporate executives or to end the liberals' outcry over these executives' so called 'ridiculously high' salaries and shady stock option deals?

Wake up and smell the coffee. Now that history's dumbest former president is out of office, there is zero chance you can stack the Supreme Court and overturn Roe vs. Wade. It is unlikely that you will find another president, or candidate, so easily duped for the same reason stated above.

Side out!

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Does Lawrence need to change its anti-discrimination law to protect people who consider themselves cross dressers and others who consider themselves transgender?

I'm no authority on these issues but I do have an observation to share. You can't really legislate change in public opinion, but a change in public opinion can bring about a change in legislation,

What needs to happen is for more cross dressing and transgender people to open up to us more traditonal people. I know my understanding of gay and lesbian people has completely changed in the last 15 years as a result of my aquaintance with so many good souls. Sure there are a few that aren't on my friend list, but they wouldn't be there if they were heteros either.

Fear has departed from me and from most other open minded folks as we have come to know and love these fine persons, and I'm sure the same will be true for those of you who are transgender or cross dressers. Come on out and meet us. We want to give good people a chance to be our friends. And we will want your rights to be protected from the prejudice of narrow minds as well.

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Protesters decry Gaza Strip bombing

Protest all you want, but I have zero sympathy for any palestinian in gaza or the west bank.Perhaps they have forgotten the celebrations and dancing in the streets that the palestinians did on September 11, 2001, but I have not. It remains in my memory as clearly as if it was yesterday.I am not dancing in the streets, but I'm not protesting Israel's action against those filthy Hamas terrorists either.

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City weighs futures of Last Call, downtown

Yes, enforcement of your current laws in Lawrence may help end this current string of violence and shootings. Perhaps more licensing is an answer as well. I know an answer needs to be found.

I live in Topeka and as a result of the violence at the old theaters a few years back downtown lawrence lost a lot of business from Topekans who just returned home after Jayhawk games instead of staying in Lawrence for the evening. I can assure you that this Last Call problem is resulting in the same. It is a shame this problematic owner can't be ridden out of town on a rail, properly tarred and feathered. But until the modern equivalent happens, don't expect to see me in downtown Lawrence enjoying all the other most excellent and wonderful shops, restaurants, and watering holes. That means there is no reason for me to come to Lawrence at all because what's not downtown we have here in Topeka.

Last night my friends and I decided to watch the game here in Topeka at Henry T's. At least there is one little piece of what's good about Lawrence here in Topeka. I know, Henry T's is not a downtown business but it has some of the same Lawrence charm and it is in a safer location than downtown here in Topeka too.

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