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KU drops to No. 47 in college rankings

Average GMATT for KU MBA has dramatically dropped from 620 to 570 since current Dean took over the position.

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Could Mountain West merger save Big 12?

MWC? No thanks!
I don't want KU to be associated with mid-major schools.
MWC/Big12 merger will bring nothing but hurt to KU basketball program.
Is this the best solution that Lew can find?
If so, he should give up his bonus and leave now.
KU should rather go independent in basketball and either drop football or join Big East ( for football only)

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Dan Beebe LIVE: Big 12 Commissioner answers questions via teleconference

I think AM will follow Texas to the Pac 10, so Big 12 is officially dead.
Lew is now negotiating with Big Ten/ACC/Big East to invite KU.
MWC is unlikeky, I hope

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Nebraska to announce move to Big Ten

I don't want KU to be associated with mid-major schools, so I think KU should eliminate football progam and live with BB.

Big Ten: Nebraska
Pac16: Texas, AM, TechProblem, Oklahoma, O-state, Colorado
MWC: Iowa State, K-State, Mizzou
Great Independent: KU (Basketball)!!

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Kansas Board of Regents reaches out to Nebraska, Missouri

Here is my prediction:

Big Ten: Nebraska
Pac 16: Texas, AM, TechProblem, Oklahoma, Colorado, Utah
Big East: KU(Football), K-STATE
SEC: Missouri, Oklahoma State
MWC: Iowa State, Baylor
Independent: KU( Basketball )

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Chancellor Hemenway discusses many changes at KU during his 14-year tenure

LJD230----- I agree.

The school of engineering and business aren't ranked too.
Especially B-school's ranking has dropped dramatically(average GMAT score was above 600 few years ago but now is 570!). Mizzou B-school is ranked much higher. It's shame!

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Business school fundraising to go 'full speed'

One reason that KU B-school ranked so low is because of outdated facilities. I hope the fundraising campaign will be successful.

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Out of reach

bennyoates says "I'll await convincing, documented evidence of freeloading professors before I believe rumors about how it would help tuition costs to go after them. The above comment suggests resentful anti-intellectualism more than engagement with the situation's realities."I'm not an anti-intellectualist. I apologize that "so many lazy tenure-track professors" may be inaccurate and exaggerated. But if you go to some department's website, you will find out some professors became inactive in research after promoted to associate professor. Or you could ask current students about this.

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Out of reach

"At last week's meeting of the Kansas Board of Regents, the state's six universities presented proposals for fall tuition increases that ranged from 1.9 percent to 8.4 percent. Guess who was at the top? You've got it; KU."You can't compare KU with Emporia State, FHSU or PSU because university mission is different. KU is a member of AAU and is committed to offering the highest quality of undergraduate, professional and graduate programs. Running research university like KU is expensive. But raising tuition doesn't necessarily improve the quality of education at KU. Like littlejohnny says, there are so many lazy tenure-track professors just teaching and doing nothing else. I don't understand why Hemenway has never brought up this issue.Unless pushing those lazy professors to do high-quality research or letting them go, KU will be the "worst buy" for many worthy students. Students are spending huge amount of money to get world-class education from high-quality professors who are excellent in both research and education, not from lecturer-like professors.

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