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Veterans group endorses Brownback for governor

To all the Vets who left comments: You fought to protect the freedom to choose and the freedom to publicly opine for *everyone* - regardless of politics, religion, personal preferences, etc.
Thank you.

I rarely post on LJ World anymore - most of the posts are by a very small group of people who seem to have nothing to do besides leaving copious comments on pretty much any and every topic. I spot-checked the comment counts of people who have left comments just on this article - I quit counting after the total reached 40,000 combined comments. Yes, some people have been posting for more than 5 years, but when multiple people have post counts over 10,000 each in that time frame, that's an awful lot of bloviating. Especially when it comes from someone who prefers anonymity to post instead of taking 2 minutes to confirm their identity.

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Orthodontist’s ‘labor of love’ refashions a city landmark

I don't personally know Dr. Ranjibar, but I see his name all over the Lawrence. Look in a charity fundraising event program and you'll find him listed as a donor/sponsor. Check out a list of people involved in community programs - yup, he's on those lists, too. Sports...arts...just about everything. He obviously supports a wide variety of community efforts, and this looks like yet another fantastic show of community support by Dr. Ranjibar.

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Domestic partners mark registry's first anniversary

Congratulations Jess and Jen! Here's to many more years together on your farm. It's a great article, but it's a shame that too many people still see something wrong about an obviously loving, committed relationship between two people. I would love to see a follow-up article about the legal challenges faced by domestic partnerships in Kansas. Wills, rights of survivorship, health care decisions, and so many more obstacles that are taken for granted in marriages have to be dealt with by legal contracts. What rights do married heterosexuals have that a domestic partnership can - or in some situations can't - obtain through a lengthy, expensive legal process? What are the costs involved for establishing a domestic partnership equivalent to marriage?

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For these ceramic artists, it's a small world after all

For a more detailed history of the Orton Cone Box Show and a link to the Baker University web site and the Orton web site, check out http://www.brackers.com/special_pages...
Thanks for the nice write-up, L-J World. By the way, our business is actually Bracker's Good Earth Clays, Inc. (not Good Earth Ceramics, as listed in the article).

Anne M. Bracker
daughter of Bill & Anne W. Bracker

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New turnpike interchange to be built near Tonganoxie

Tongie is east of Lawrence - if you take hwy 24 from the Teepee junction, you'll reach it in about 10-15 miles.

The milepost numbers go up as you go east. West Lawrence exit = 202, East Lawrence exit = 204, etc.

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New turnpike interchange to be built near Tonganoxie

The East Lawrence turnpike entrance is at milepost 204, so it sounds reasonable that the service area is pretty close to 212.

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Habitat groundbreaking honors longtime volunteer

It would be a real shame to let such a worthwhile project go down the drain because the people of Lawrence couldn't cough up a few bucks. There are so many ways to free up even a dollar or two each day, like skipping the fancy coffee or bringing lunch to work instead of eating out. I'd like to challenge everyone who reads the online J-W to save at least a dollar a day for the next two or three weeks and donate it to this project. If we all did this, the Habitat Comfort neighborhood would become a reality very quickly!

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Thieves on lookout for cars left to warm up

Although I agree the law seems a bit ridiculous, I can also see where kids could get into an unattended, running car and wind up hurting themselves or others.

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Kansas to pay tobacco penance

I personally LOVE it when someone cards me for a purchase that is restricted for people under a certain age (i.e. cigarettes or alcohol). However, I have run into a clerk or two that asks for ID with a bit of an attitude (not that I blame them - I've seen convenience store and liquor store clerks get a lot of crapola dished out at them).

However, I would recommend that the clerks make asking for ID into a positive (and perhaps humorous) thing, such as:

"May I make your day and ask to see your ID?" (said with a smile, although avoid the lecherous leer)

"While I'm looking at your ID, may I also ask what vitamins you're taking to look so youthful?"

All it takes is a little friendly attitude and a smile to prevent hostility and encourage a positive experience.

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What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

The My Soldier site is: http://www.mville.edu/mysoldier/index...

It's a great program. I've been participating in it for several months now.

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