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New road signs to provide bike-friendly addition to Lawrence streets

I suspect there are very few people in Lawrence who rely solely on a bicycle for their transportation needs, so they're already paying some fuel taxes. And I suspect that the wear and tear of vehicle vs bicycle would be commensurate with the taxes paid and repairs to a roadway necessary.

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New road signs to provide bike-friendly addition to Lawrence streets

I suspect that cyclists pay the same taxes as people in vehicles and therefore have just as much right to the responsible use of roads. And their impact is probably far less than the impact of someone driving in a vehicle. A 3,000+ pound vehicle probably adds a lot more wear and tear to the roadways than a human on a 20# bicycle.

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At least 2 injured after car crashes through downtown Lawrence storefront

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About 10 a.m. Thursday, a U.S. Postal Service truck was involved in a two-vehicle accident in North

I was actually driving just behind the driver of the minivan that hit the postal truck (you can see my little red Celica parked just past the mailbox in this photo) and stopped to assist. I can't say with 100% certainty, but I'm confident when I say this was NOT a case of texting while driving. The man who was driving the minivan is a war veteran - in this situation, it really WAS an accident where his attention got diverted for just a moment or two. I don't know him (I spoke with him for a while as the paramedics were treating the mail carrier), but he was sincerely apologetic as he spoke about how he looked at something else on the road for a split second before he hit the mail truck.

note: I know he was a war veteran because the baseball cap he was wearing identified the branch of the military and war in which he served.

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Town Talk: City group recommending $75,000 worth of glass artwork for library expansion project; Lawrence Community Shelter working on jobs deal with Berry Plastics

I so enjoy seeing what a journalist must sacrifice just to get the story! Thank you, Chad, for judging the chocolate contest during Chocolate and Tea yesterday. And for what it's worth, you might have inadvertently lapsed into a chocolate coma for a while yesterday - unofficial totals from just the auction portion of yesterdays event are over $15,000 (ticket sales, sponsorships, etc. will still need to be added to get a total of the whole event).

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Senate won't vote on Kobach citizenship rule

Kansas congressional voting records on HB 2067, the voter ID bill that is now law, can be found here: http://www.kslegislature.org/li/b2011...

It includes a list of the yeas and nays for the votes, the full language of the bill, sponsors, and amendments.

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DouGLASS County Land Deal

The Stephen Glass in the obituary is not the same Steve Glass from PDO Investors

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Gov. Brownback, SRS secretary discussing marriage initiatives

If they really wanted to promote intact, stable families, they would promote same-sex marriage. Sadly, I don't think they recognize that fact.

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Planning commissioners recommend giving homeless shelter another year at site

In case you haven't visited the Lawrence Community Shelter lately, you can read about how LCS staff is actively working to provide employment training and opportunities, addiction counseling, mental health support, and so much more. http://www.lawrenceshelter.org/index-...

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Town Talk: Caterer worries about unfair competition from City Hall; Masonic Temple building under consideration; Santa Fe Depot update

There was an article that described the recent renovations to the Carnegie, "Corliss said work to bring the building up to speed is nearing its end. Crews built an addition onto the north side of the building to house new ADA-compliant bathrooms and elevators. Work also was done to prepare the lower “garden level” of the building to serve as the offices for the convention and visitors bureau and Destination Management Inc., the non-profit that oversees the heritage area."

quote from Chad Lawhorn's article on Oct 28, 2010 http://www2.ljworld.com/news/2010/oct...

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