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Crews respond to Harper Street fire, one in critical condition

I really hope everyone is ok! I just tried going down Harper to the Kwik Shop to grab a morning paper, and saw it was blocked off on both ends. Everyone is in my thoughts and prayers.

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‘2012’ a suitable disaster

hmmm, don't think I'll be wasting almost 10 bucks on that movie......

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Kings Construction of Oskaloosa was busy working Monday just south of the old FMC plant making a 'L'

This is actually just south of the old Farmland plant. FMC, which was later Astaris, which is now ICL Performance Products is located in north lawrence.

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Wetlands visit

Build the remaining part of the SLT already!!! Those wetlands are nothing but a mosquito breeding ground anyway. All that moss thats coating the water, man thats beautiful (rolling eyes.) The only good thing I could see of those wetlands is some good waterfowl hunting, or maybe some deer hunting on the south end, cause lord knows there is ALOT of both!!

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Deer are on the move, requiring drivers to be alert

Anymore mowin one down with a big ol truck is cheaper than buyin ammo for the deer rifle!! Plus, you get to stay warm doing it!

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Sunflower Broadband to upgrade technology

And be ridiculously overpriced just like the rest of their services!

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Army captain comes home to Lawrence to tell students about his war stories

I happen to remember Sean from highschool. I graduated a year before him, but... still remember the name and face. Thank you so much for what you do!!

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SLT ranks 5th on KDOT list

“I think it shows there’s a lot of interest and a lot of need in doing the trafficway,” Armstrong said. “There’s a number of projects that are ranked a lot lower than that. Personally, I’m pretty pleased to see it that high.”


Darn right there is alot of need! There has been forever! Anyone that tries to come down Haskell, 31st, or heck, Louisiana for that matter between 4-6pm on weekdays will know exactly why its needed!

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Pilot curbside recycling plan gains traction

I recycle............ right into the trash can!

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