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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

If anyone is looking to sue. I have photographs of my old apartment, number 19, on disc. Photos of the roaches and the ceiling in the bathroom including the "laundry room" sewage issue. Hit me up via email.

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City condemns 24-unit apartment building on West 26th Street, issues eviction notices

I lived there for 7 years and it was the worst place to live in Lawrence. I was a single mom, couldn't afford hardly anything. But Rex's property was "affordable" and after moving in there I began to see why. Roaches ruled that building. The laundry room sewer backed up all the time....which was the actual sewage for the whole building, and yes, poop was floating down the bottom floor hall. Maintenance NEVER came to clean it up. It was disgusting!! The light above my kitchen sink was always full of water from the upper apartment having a leak in their sink, needless to say I couldn't use it. The final straw was when my boyfriend and I had cleaned and painted the apartment next to us to help make up for our overdue rent and Rex evicted us when we were done. He said, "You didn't give me a bill for the job, so it never happened." When we were looking for a new place to live, the bathroom ceiling fell into our tub due to pipe leaks from the apartments above us. We lived there for 3 months after being told to leave and the ceiling still hadn't been even looked at. Good luck to those this has affected. As for Rex Tedrow...I hope you get raked over the coals of justice and are never allowed to be a property owner in this lifetime.

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Fair attendees, from left, Jordan Seiger, 16; Shaelyn Marr, 14; and Tyler Ellison and Courtney Curti

My daughter and her boyfriend were in this picture. I believe that the photographer, Mike Yoder, was trying to catch the overall feel for the fair and how taking your best girl or guy to walk around the fair still appeals to many young couples. I saw many couples, young and old, out there doing the same thing. I can understand the hands, but face it people, times have changed. It is young "love" at its best and I personally think everyone is reading into it too far. And I would think the same thing if my daughter wasn't in the photo. Have a nice day. :o)

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28-year-old Lawrence man pleads guilty to sending explicit texts, photos to 12-year-old girl

Put all sexual offenders in Alcatraz and drop food rations down on them once a month. They'll eventually kill eachother off.

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Economy priority

my question is......why are we required to wear seat belts when law enforcment, driving cars that the city has purchased with their budget, aren't wearing seatbelts? They claim that since they are considered an "emergency vehicle" they are not required to wear them. Kinda ironic.

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Lawrence city commissioners to consider 'meter donations' to combat panhandling downtown

most of the panhandlers choose to be where they are in life. It's going to be up to the citizens of Lawrence to take care of this. When we hand them spare change or money we are enabling them to live their lives this way. put them all to work building the new shelter, if it ever gets built.

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37-year-old Tonganoxie man sentenced to 23 years in prison for molesting young girl

refab alcatraz...and put em all there....

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De Soto woman charged with endangering her child seeks reduction in bond

Second term abortion shouldn't be an option here. The state should just take custody of the boy and the baby once it's born. Although, with my recent experience with them (State), they tend to give far too many chances to an abusive parent when the situation doesn't warrant another chance. Far too many children fall through the cracks and remain in neglectful and abusive homes. My personal experience has been soured by the State and how they have failed my stepsons. Instead of them stepping in and taking control, they slap hands repeatedly and turn a blind eye. I blame that on a failing system that isn't funded appropriately, nor given enough manpower for the caseloads they have. My heart goes out to the children affected by ANY neglect and abuse. But, abortion isn't the answer in this situation. I do believe however, in this case, there should be a mandatory sterilization law for child abuse cases this severe. Carrying that life inside you is a blessing and a wonderful, godly feeling. Raising your child is a privilege and an honor. Being a parent is not easy, its a hard journey. But the end result is watching this part of you grow, learn and succeed at becoming an upstanding adult in society. I wish the boy and the unborn child the best of the world and all it has to offer and may they never come in contact with anyone with such a cold and dark heart like their mother. As for the Bond reduction hearing...everytime she requests to be seen by the judge costs money (court costs). State needs money...they will milk this for all its worth all the while denying her reduction. Its just dollar signs to them. Prisions have nurses for just these types of situations.

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Garden sprouts at Douglas County Jail

photo scared the hell outta me....thought the inmates were kneeling as a form of punishment. ahh..they are just gardening. I think this is a good idea....until someone escapes and takes a sack of tomatoes with them. Are the fences electrical? Inmates need to get sun...vit D..which aids in keeping depression at bay...and a little blue sky will give them something to look forward to when they are killing their time. Would this be considered "work release"?
wow!!! this is the first positive thing I've had to say about the 'Mini-Alcatraz' and those housed inside. Happy gardening!!! Don't eat the fertilizer!!! Don't plant any weed either!!! Wouldn't want the department to get caught up in a grow operation. (damn...i just couldn't do it) :o)

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Lawrence child molester sentenced to 10 years; attorney blames client's sex crimes on meth

i think we should gather ALL the repeat sex offenders and place them on a secure island in the middle of the ocean and forget about them. I'm a mom of 2 girls and i have drilled it in their heads that no matter what...if its uninvited...its rape. My love for them knows no boundaries and I would NEVER blame them for something that someone else does to them. my thoughts go out to EVERY victim in cases like these. It takes courage to tell and the strength of Superman to stand up in court and discuss what happened in front of strangers and the accused. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger.

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