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KU Endowment gives $112.3 million to university during past fiscal year

FY 10 end of year report can be found at: http://issuu.com/kuendowment/docs/ann...

I assume FY 11 expenditures wouldn't be too different.

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K-State paying students to give up dorm rooms for incoming freshmen; similar situation unlikely at KU

There is nothing proactive about this. KSU just doesn't have as large of facilities as KU does.

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Mo. judge rules lawsuit over KU fraternity pledge's injury out of jurisdiction

Totally agree, there needs to be harsher punishment.

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Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback to attend Texas prayer rally 'on behalf of our troubled nation'

I understand he is elected to help Kansas and to serve the citizens, but in the end he is a human just like the rest of us. I don't understand how people can expect him to work 24/7. We all deserve some personal time and if this is how he chooses to spend his, with his own money, I am not seeing the problem here.

And apparently a large number of citizens elected him as governor, that's who. Be proactive if you have a problem.

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Statehouse Live: Kansas Arts Commissioner resigns; meeting in Lawrence canceled

@oldexbeat, not to take sides but if 10 trillion had accumulated since the beginning of the US, and an additional 4 trillion since Obama has come into office, that is exponential growth.

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Marlesa Roney, KU’s vice provost of student success, leaving post to become education professor

The ignorance here is embarrassing. This is one of the most vital positions at the University. Services overseen by Dr. Roney: Advising Center, Career Center, Unions, Rec Center, Admissions, Watkins Health Center, Student Housing, Dining, and many others. Dr. Roney is an amazing woman and it sounds like she just enjoys teaching more than the administrative aspect. It will be a tough position to fill after high standards set by Dr. Roney.

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