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Haskell’s athletic programs put on probation through 2014

Good comment NVET. I recall a recent incident where the KU football and basketball boys had a difference of opinion that didn't look favorable in the news. All colleges have their history. Should I use USC as an example? But really, the reason I comment is that the U.S. government does owe Indians health and education as part of their promise. We agreed to many treaties which reduced our land base and restricted us to reservations. After that, we again agreed to further reduce our land base because the U.S. needed more land. We have kept our promises and the U.S. isn't giving anything, but rather, attempting to keep their treaties and promises which created a home and life for many non-Indians. This isn't meant to be adversarial but merely clarifying the mindset that always feels that we, Indians, shouldn't have a right to expect that promises paid for should be kept.

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Haskell’s athletic programs put on probation through 2014

Haskell isn't under BIA, they are under the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) for several years now. Its an agency in the Department of the Interior, but is a individual agency on the same org line as BIA in the DOI organization.

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Haskell: ‘Corrective actions’ taken on athletics program

Under FOIA, there are specific timeframes for providing documents and specific exemptions for any or all documents which cannot be released. My experience, as a FOIA Coordinator in the Government, is that before court action, you can contact your state congressman and submit a request for him/her to make an inquiry for you. These are called congressional inquiries which when the government receives it, makes it a top priority and agencies move very quick to respond.

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Haskell’s athletic programs put on probation through 2014

Newell_Post That's a juvenile response aimed toward college age students who are at Haskell hoping for an education and a better life. Pick on yourself because I am sure you have some issues we could rag on. BTW, hows your KU football program doing, and how has your track team been since Billy Mills (1964 10K Medal Winner) left KU?

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Haskell Indian Nation University Students Suffer Again.

Thanks blind rabbit. I attended school there and did a stint working in administration for Doctor Martin a while. Loved it and wanted to stay but couldn't convince my family to relocate. I was sitting in an apartment complex after graduating from high school and worked and drank everyday at age 18. Coach Homeratha offered me a chance to go to school and continue playing football. And it changed the course the course of my life. So, I do get sensitive when folks put down the school and what it stands for and was meant to be. My Grandfather and Grandmother met there and eventually ran off to Ottawa, KS and got married. My past is tied to that place and always will be.

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Haskell Indian Nation University Students Suffer Again.

First of all, Haskell is under the DOI-Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) rather than BIA. The BIE Director reports to the Asst. Secretary - Indian Affairs, as doe the BIA Director. Secondly, I went to Haskell 79-81, and although I complained about the heat in the dorms to friends, I survived because I grew up in the Oklahoma heat without air conditioning. It's uncomfortable, but consider that you are receiving an education at a fraction of the mainstream university system cost, and it allows reservation youth an opportunity to assimilate more easily into the mainstream university as they pursue their dreams. It is a role that the government agreed to (educating our youth) in treaties when they were taking Indian homelands away from tribes so that they could open it up to homesteading and building communities for non-Indians. If Haskell was funded with federal funds in comparison to what mainstream universities receive, it would be a state of the art university with little complaining by young Indian students who may be away from home for the first time and homesick. Indian students go on to teach your children in public schools, provide medical services to you and your children, and countless other contributions to society mostly because they had a higher learning achievement which may have started at Haskell.Being a retired federal BIA employee, I understand that our facilities programs mostly utilize contracts with private sector businesses to take care of our facility issues because it is supposed to be more cost effective management. Haskell has contributed to Indian students for generations and are active in your community because they feel a sense of being a part whether accepted or not. We share our campus venues with your school systems and community at a minimal cost to Lawrence because our funding or source of funds doesn't permit otherwise. As for thinking that it should be turned into a community college for Lawrence, when will you ever tire of trying to take what belongs to us for your pleasure? You have more ability to go out, buy land, and build a new community college so quit salivating and leave Haskell alone.

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