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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

I guess you don't think Kansas deserves a level 1 Research University. Maybe not, but all of the best students will leave the state for sure.

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Budget advances with 'devastating' cuts to KU

You're not aware of MIT or Cal Tech?

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Republican budget writers propose 4 percent across-the-board cut to higher education

If KU and KUMC are no longer state funded, there will be no preference in admissions for in state students. This would kill the mission of KUMC to train physicians for Kansas, especially rural Kansas.

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Dean’s firing reveals broader concerns at KU Medical Center

Barbara will be retired when all this happens. What difference does it make to her?

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Chancellor chooses meetings at KU Med over Gill press conference

She'll be spending a lot of time at the Medical Center over the next few months.

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Tonganoxie boy fights brain tumor

What do the real physicians say is the best treatment?

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Governor urged to 'start over' on hospital

This article may interest you two and any KU faculty who read this website. Enjoy. http://www.aaup.org/AAUP/protectright...

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$800M life science plan hatched

JSpizias is correct. The numbers to watch are NIH rankings. The 2005 data are here http://grants2.nih.gov/grants/award/r... . KUMC ranks below both Oklahoma and Arkansas. Funds are so thin this year that departments have almost nothing for faculty or students. Two of the current research buildings are nearly empty and require extensive renovation, but KUMC is millions in debt and can't afford to maintain its current space. Growth is great, but growing too fast is as great a problem for organizations as not growing at all. Check the NIH rankings again in a few years to find out how well this has worked. Those are the true numbers. Dollar graphs presented by administrators can be deceiving.

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Medical center to unveil plan to attract bioscience research

In other states where this is being done, the states are putting up amounts that start with B. I don't think Kansas can afford it. Where then, will the money come from? Already, any amounts that the legislature votees as faculty increases go for new, not existing faculty. Every year the legislature hears how KU faculty are underpaid, and every year their appropriation for faculty salaries goes somewhere else, so, of course, the faculty are still underpaid next year, and so on.... What will go up are taxes, not health insurance, as that goes to the hospital, which is doing well financially right now.

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