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Muslim woman demands apology from Obama

Why does the world have to always apologize to the muslims? It should be the other way around. They come over here and want us to give up our loving God for their hatefilled Allah that wants all infidels dead. If we would be stupid enough to go to their country, then they can make the rules, until then, IF YOU DON"T LIKE IT HERE, GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM.

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Gore endorses Obama

If you will check history you will find that the USA lost more soldiers under Clinton/Gore than we have under Bush.What we will get with Obama and Gore are two liars, one claims he invented the internet and the other that will lie about his preachers and his past.

June 17, 2008 at 12:19 p.m. ( | suggest removal )

Chalmers officially moving on

Good luck to all the BB players trying to make it in the pros. There is no better place to get your game ready for the next level than to play at Kansas University.Rock Chalk Jayhawk.

June 16, 2008 at noon ( | suggest removal )

Civil suit hits Collins for $75K

When are the BB players going to realize that there are females out there that will do anything and then cry rape, foul, or claim other emotional anguish to get money from the potential pro-players. The only thing the BB players have to do is "keep it zipped"

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Do you believe in psychic ability?

I predict that if the sidewalks are wet that it will be raining, and if they are icy, that it has been snowing or sleeting and it is very cold, and if you send me $20.00 you will have less money and I will have more. Wow! it's great being psychic, but then I knew that already.

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Obama rally draws fans across racial, age spectrum

Well, y'all see, I'm from a little bitty ole town and Mr. Obama doesn't really care for us cuse we hang onto our God, Guns, and religion, and Mr. Obama thinks we're all nutjobs. Well, Mr. Obama, I think you're the nutjob, and you're the south end of that ole cow goin north. You won't ever get my vote, I like someone that will stand up for us and Mr. Obama 's already lying down in the sand with the muslim extremists.

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T for taxi?

With gas prices out of site, I can see a lot more people riding the bus. I believe the transit system needs to stay, for students, elderly, and residents that don't own autos.

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Torture denial

It's amazing to me that these countries can behead our newspeople, kill our soldiers, drag them thru town showing off thier kill, but by golly, the USA had better not run water on our enemies face, because that's torture. You want torture, talk to John McCain and how the Vietnamese tied his arms behind his back and then tied his head between his ankles and left him for hours, only to return and do it all over again. Our soldiers are tortured, and our enemies get the red carpet treatment due to their religion, or whatever and we try to be their best friend. THEY ARE OUR ENEMY, regardless of where we have to fight them, the muslim extremist cannot win and Obama is their best chance.

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Analysis: 'Hillary Dems' could be up for grabs

If you want the muslim terrorist to take over this country, vote for Obama. If you want to remain free vote for McCain. McCain is the only one that has not been lying to the public and does not have a racists for a pastor. Obama has been listening to this extremists preacher for 20 years and now that he wants something he is trying to distance himself from the radical. I am not necessarily a McCain fan but I believe he is the only one that will protect America's freedoms.

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Student: Teacher tossed Mexican flag in trash

Kudos to this teacher. It's about time Americans started having a little pride in our country and stop trying to be everybody's friend. If you go to Mexico, you better not even try to display our flag. You'll be thrown in jail so fast and may never get out of jail.C'mom USA where has our pride gone?

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