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Walking the field is special for KU baseball manager

Yep someone brought onions to work too!

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Mother charged in child’s death

Hidden in the home as part of a game! who plays a game like that with children? wtf

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What is your favorite word?


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What is your favorite word?


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Illinois mother in local abuse case says she was just as much a victim as the children

Hey otto, don't judge. Just saying, until you have been in an abuseive relationship, don't judge. It's much easier setting on the out side saying I would done this. Maybe she thought once they got to AZ she would be able to get help, who knows.

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Have you heard of or do you know anyone who’s been infected with hand, foot and mouth disease?

My son had it when he was 3 or 4, that was 14 or so years ago. All I remember was the blood curdling scream he let out just as I was going to sleep. Spent 6 hours in the ER that night.

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3 arrested after car chase, crash

Yep probably transplants of that loser town to the east of Topeka. Seems everyone from that mub hole thinks they are from Johnson county. Get a life Jack

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Where is your favorite place to go out to eat?

So the free pancakes this morning was a ploy? I just thought they were raising money for Chidrens Miracle Network. My bad, guess me leaving the $10.00 tip was bad form, who knew.

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Kansas Department of Revenue monitoring sales tax collections by retailers using Groupon

The difference is between manufacturers and retailers coupons. On manufacturers you pay sales tax on the entire amount before the coupon, this is because the manufacture reimburses the retailer. With the retailer you take off the amount for the coupon, and then charge tax on what is left. The retailer does not get reimbursed for the amount they took off the price of the product. So revenue has to ask itself if the groupon is a manufacturer’s coupon or a retailer’s coupon.

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