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KU fans welcome home basketball team after run at championship

Last fall at late night, Coach told us to enjoy the learning process of this team and by the end of the season they would be as good as any KU BBall team. True to his words, a great coach and a great team. We can't wait to watch the next group of young men grow to wear the proud shoes of our beloved hawks basketball team. Great job guys and thank you!

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Legislature adjourns after budget meltdown; goes on break

Big suprise. Idiots, all of them. Self-serving, hypocritical, idiots. Now the finger pointing starts so they can all say it wasn't their fault. Such a worthless political process, it's only going to be as good as the people running it and we have buffoons in the capital.

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School closings to still be addressed

The board will drag their feet until the last minute and then make a rash decision that is both unpopular and ineffective, choosing the worst and most expensive option as the punishment for the rest of us not telling them what exactly to do. The dwindling numbers of homeowners will again be asked to foot the bill for the costs.

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March 2nd Early Morning Law Enforcement & Fire/Medical wrap up

Robbed within sight distance of the Court House and Law enforcement building! The cops better be careful walking to their cars after work, thats a dangerous area.

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City wants more info on possible rental registration program fee increase

If this program would do something to counter the student slums along Tennessee and Kentucky Streets I would be for it. But, it looks like another city program designed by an idiot and ran by a larger group of idiots. If they could get their stuff together, we might see less of our youth getting hurt and dying after parties each weekend in the area of town with the biggest houses and the largest percent of rentals. 12 kids living together in a shabby old house, each paying 450$ a month and the city charges the landlord 25$. Sure looks like the landlord's have had an influence on this program.

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Topeka man sentenced for his role in robbing KU student during drug deal

Probly wouldn't call the cops if the dudes didn't have guns. Would you rather have a pot dealer in the parking lot or gun toting thugs wanting to rob people? Get over it, we will be safer with these guys in prison. I bet the dealer quit after he got his stash scared right outta his pants.

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One police officer accused of fixing traffic tickets no longer a city employee; second officer still on suspension

Cmon folks, every department in the city has these types of 'favors'. People with decades of time in for the city make sure contracts go to companies their spouses or children work for. Back door deals, cronyism and nepotism are the modus operandi. This is why things like this only come to light every so often and when it does, Corliss et al smooth the wrinkles as best as they can without letting on that this is how small town gov't works. These are small potatoes to some big dollar favors out there but that doesn't make it ok. All the best to the guys caught up in this, keep your heads up, it will pass.

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Share the reports

Give it up. They will tell us only what they want. Disgraceful. I can't believe we are letting this corrupt work group called the LPD carry assault riffles! Best armed criminals in the county now. Look out folks, the boys in blue are the big gang in town and they get what they want. 10% raises each year when other city workers go without, adding extra officers and 100 grand worth of new guns. The worst part is that we have to keep paying the fiend, or else crime goes up, thats their best bargaining tool. Give us more or else. The mafia in KS.

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Police support

This is all such a joke. Most higher up people working for this city are as corrupt and biased as anyone can be. We will never hear all the news that they don't spin as much as possible to make themselves look as innocent as possible. Cops here are untrustworthy and fit every stereotype there is. Has anyone looked at our former chief who, coincidentally, worked at KU after leaving the city? No doubt a connection for the tickets.

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Town Talk: Bert Nash has plans for wellness campus on VFW site; downtown holiday lighting ceremony set for tonight; city to host candy cane hunt next week

Firefighters are handed 7% raises each year and get paid overtime to fetch a clown from the downtown rooftops, great use of funds. City commision has it's head on backwards. Is this why we need another 3/4 million dollar firetruck Bradford? Another example of the unions hamstringing municipalities while 'Non Essential' city workers actually work over the holidays. Spread the love Commisioners-did you have clean and safe water to drink today, did your toilet flush? Did you notice the clean parks and tastefully plotted city gardens? Those folks are denied raises and have a different OT policy so they don't make extra money during extended shifts and snow removal. Preferential treatment, the sign of the times. Heres to wishing Lawrence would wake up and take care of ALL the people that make a city work. Thanks to the unnoticed and drastically under appreciated city workers who spend this holiday serving the citizens of this town.

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