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Lawrence High defensive end Bledsoe picks Oklahoma over KU

That's not good news, just another set back for the program. Doesn't speak very well when you can't keep a top prospect at home,that's right here in your backyard, right under your nose. If we are to ever get this program turned around this is something we have do, we have to put a stop to other schools from coming in and taking them away right out from underneath us.

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Top prospect Andrew Wiggins chooses Kansas

no thanks what? i KNOW your not sayin you don't want wiggins. REALLY? telme this, were you one of a handful of bandwaggoners on the BIG BLUE bus? when it looked liked things may be a little down you was bailing? well bail let me help you. for you to make that statment is just crazy. if bill self wats to take one and dones i think he has JUST A LITTLE BIT MORE KNOWLEDGE about players to take the one and done man i need some of the stuff your smokin lol. welcome to the phog Andrew GO HAWKS

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Greg Gurley takes over as KU men's basketball radio analyst

haters haters haters unreal. gurley's voice is fine. but maybe just maybe you should of applied for the position. that would of been good for some grins. lmao

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A clean sweep: Tyshawn Taylor talks it up after KU victory

can't agree with you anymore then you already sai vaildini. well said. you can take it to the bank that if tyshawn was out they would sure be missin him then huh? just don't jump on tyshawns bandwagon late down the road you don't want him now he won't want you later. i will tell you one thing you won't find very many players as dedicated to a team as much and love asa much as tyshawn does the hawks. rip me off some other names of players who have a surgery like he had and don't miss a beat. not one game. not one minute. GIVE THEM HELL tyshawn ther are people out here that think your just fine. GO HAWKS

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A clean sweep: Tyshawn Taylor talks it up after KU victory

Question? did we win? did we win? i don't give a rats rar if we barely won or not. good teams find ways to win even when they are not playing their best. they still find ways to win. thats the bottom line. whether we win by 1 or 101. a win is a win is a win is a win. and i will still take tyshawn ANY DAY. let me repeat that. i will take tyshwan ANY DY OF THE WEEK. hope you got that. and guess what i think maybe just maybe not for sure but i think coach self will take tyshawn any day of the week to. thanks for stoppin by GO HAWKS

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Stats say Taylor deserves Cousy mention

points well taken about tyshawn. its to bad that he isn't included as one of those being mentioned for the award. thats ok he is still one hell of a player. ya i too like so many others plus coach self get frustrated sometimes with his decisions he makes sometimes it seems like he over penetrates and gets in a position where he has nowhere to go or throw some crazy pass, but i will still take him in a heartbeat. you take the good with the bad and for awhile now he has been playing really good ball, he is standing up at a very important time of the season for us when we really need him to do so. where would we have been recently with out his point production? this kinda surprises me, i didn't think he had that kinda offensive production in him. i'm proud of tyshawn. now he can prove them ALL wrong for not choosin him. GO HAWKS

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Slow beginning leaves OSU at a loss

lmao. i see we have a couple of wanna be comedians on a serious post. you guys are soooooo funny. you ALMOST ALMOST make me laugh. but uh? don't give up your day jobs. thi\at is if you have day jobs - - - - - then again probably not. uh ya robinson DO NOT BRING THE BALL UP i probably know more about ku then you two put together so grow up if you can't take opinions from others not knocking ku just callin it like it is. if you want robinson to bring the ball up we can just sit the 4 others then t rob can pass the ball inbounds to himself dribble down court himself pass to himself shoot himself rebound himself rebound some more get back for other tams break himself and defend all five opposin players him self lmao you guys? REALLY SERIOUSLY?

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Slow beginning leaves OSU at a loss

the one thing i think that the guys have to realize, that thomas has to realize is and thats he is not a guard and this has happened more then oncde he has to be able to understand or maybe not understand but follow thru is that his is NOT A GUARD there have been times and yesterday was another case where he is bringing the ball up the court and has cost us possessions thats what our guards are for his future that he will get paid for is not to bring the ball up the floor there are other players responsible for that. when osu was trying to make their comeback in the second half yesterday there was TROB bring the ball up the floor and turnin it ove he has done that in multiple games and although ya he does a decent job the point is that is not what he is surpose to do don't get me wrong i love my hawks but i just hope that come tourney time and possessions are at a premium that happens and maybe plays a big part in a W or a L unlike yesterday a possession turnover here or there in the ncaa tourney can make the difference between movin on or goin home. GO HAWKS

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KU big man gets votes of confidence

well was watchin espn early this mornin. knights corner came on where coach knight breaks things down on a team and just so happens he was breakin down the hawks this morning. he made a statement that i thought wow which was good but he made the statment that if withey continues to develop that by the time the ncaa tourney is here that the hawks will have the most talented inside pair of big men in the tourney. that is some praise i mean this is coming from somebody i believe knows some about what he is talkin about. who would of thought that. now do i agree 100% percent with that maybe not but hey he definetely knows more about the game then me and i do agree it so really good to see the two work together makes for a hard matchup for teams lets hope jeff continues his trend he has become atrue threat and takes pressure off T Rob
i know this much he definetely makes his presence felt on the defensive side good job. GO HAWKS

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Tyshawn Taylor tries to shoulder blame

agreed cat. maybe not the firing, but. that had to be the worst call i've seen made ibn i don't know how long. that call right there was what turned the game FOR SURE. instead of kansas being up by seven and possibly eight some how he calls robinson for a charge? are you SERIOUS? ridiculous call. not even close even the ol blind dick vitale said at the time that it was a terrible call. mizz had no one who could stay with robinson he was a beast. after that call was made i said well christmas just came early for missouri really said to have that happen. anyways the sun still comes up today and lokking forward to the RETURN MATCH. i think we played very well for 35 minutes just have to be able to find way to close out thats all we are still ok. GO HAWKS

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