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Editorial: Just say no

I agree with this editorial. However, I haven't once seen Nebraska publically state they desire to still have athletic contests with Kansas. Missou is the one that keeps bringing up this issue. Rockchalk

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Kansas concealed carry permits set record in 2012

One things for sure...you better have a heck of a drone fleet if you ever plan on invading this country. The amount of weapons cache's and ammo here per capita will never be matched (or surpassed) by any foreign nation while any of us are alive.

I'm not naive to think any of this crap is changing but I do hope everyone realizes that our police carry guns b/c EVERYONE else has one. No need to carry at all if there aren't any other guns to worry about. But keep enjoying all of that rabid hunting you do with your automatic and military grade weaponry...

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Former KU guard Rio Adams transfers to Ohio

Best of luck. Do yourself a major favor and drop the twitter. I look forward to the next news for you coming from your gameplay, not online jabbering. Again, best of luck with your future basketball career.

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Trail Blazers work out Elijah Johnson

I feel bad for loser fans. That man you referenced has more talent in one finger than you have in your body.
I wish a few plays would have worked out differently but I'm not willing to ignor many others that were spectacular. Best of luck to all of the KU players in taking it to the next level.

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Letter: Marijuana laws

What a good, well thought letter. For all of those "budget" hounds...what do you think of all of this money wasted on this cause? What about all of the taxes lost on some of the 43 peeps that had real jobs too (or used to)? I wonder what the families of these 43 people involved think? They might deserve something but I doubt any think they deserve anything serious over a wild plant. But watch, they are going to lay the book thick on this one....and if they do they do. hopefully the general public will start to wake up and demand a stop to this nonsense.

Think the private prison system comment is a stretch? It's not. The fact that judges spouses can own into the private prison system is not only wrong, it's flat criminal. Nothing like $$$$$ truly getting in the way of justice system. Fair? Capalitism doesn't value fair when things are all said and done. Do you think that overcrowding prisons with non violent offenders is a problem? I do. Is anybody finally ready to start demanding a change in policy?

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Opinion: Obama wasting time on climate issues

Oh poor George Will....losing more and more fans each day and therefore getting more extreme to keep the ones he has. It's a real losing battle and people are taking notice, but I bet no one has been polled that question for fear of the actual results. Speaking of, it's laughable to me when he is still buying those other "polls" I see. How did those that work out for you in the election? Well it says right here we got a winner, wait a minute....

This nation is changing its stripes....protecting the environment is just one facet. Energy independence is anothe but we can't possibly all agree on the same issue... Anyone recall when not trashing this place was a conservative principle? Too bad $$$ gets in the way but that's capatilism and greed. Both are also "good" reasons to also not hire added employees but never miss a chance to throw Obamacare meat to your hungry wolves.

Can't speak for others but please maybe it is time for those of that generation "to go silently into thy good night.....". Reality is tiring of these this progressive generations anti-progressiveness mentality. We get it, constantly changing the rules to your our self benefit is nothing new (or surprising) but that welcome mat is getting worn down.

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

Wait a minute, are you blaming all youth in America with a statement like "America has a real problem with its young people". What a load of BS

I didn't say ALL cops were bad but it's naive and false to think they are perfect either (just like the college kids). Wouldn't surprise me to see the injured cops go on permanent disability. That tends to happen a lot too in case you were unaware but I'm sure you'll tell it was a lie instead of doing research. If the police want to talk, then let the cameras roll.... You got yours and I got mine. I anxiously await the followup article to this report.

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Roberts, Moran vote for bill avoiding fiscal cliff; Jenkins, Yoder, Pompeo, Huelskamp vote against it

Funny the right is pretty much down to discussing their opinions with themselves these days. Sensationalizing mindless whoppers repeatively kind of has that lasting effect....

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Police respond to multiple incidents overnight, numerous arrests made

By integrity do you mean swapping basketball tickets for dropping auto infractions? Or maybe you meant the domestic violence charges filed against our diligent community servers? How about he ones that plant fake evidence or steal from their own charities? I respect those that serve but they are not infallable. I hear someone is lobbying for more officers, what better way for that than to show the public how your stretched your resources were on the busiest day of the yr....

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Police chief presents downtown surveillance camera policy at forum, will revise for City Commission

Careful, careful. Capt Khatib, who's not local, comes from a town where they have over 280 cameras to monitor "traffic flow". Not surprised to read this measure proposed by him at all. But don't worry, they're only monitoring for "traffic flow" wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Most are correct, there really isn't a need for this at all but throw a little fear in there and it'll pass.

First a request for new facilites...then a request for more officers...now comes the request for more poublic camera monitoring. Someone might want to tell Capt that Lawrence isn't Lincoln NE....

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