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Failure to finish

fhs might actually have a chance to be better at football than lhs this year but you never no lhs could make a comeback season

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Project Graduation party offers prizes, cash to high school seniors

i completely agree with "eb" everytime i read an article i always read the comments at the bottom and some old people with nothing better to do than complain or say something bad about younger people than them. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dont be so negative about everything!!!!! Thats all i have to say.......... Thank you and Stop being such A** holes

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No messin' around

Kidsfirst you are exactly right this mefirst person is just dumb... get a life bud!

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Boo Shock

well this just shows that no team was that much better than the next. anything can happen this year... including the Jayhawks improving greatly this year from a shaky start. i no i was kind of a critic to Bill Self after the loss to Bradley but i guess they did beat Pittsburg also so i am just sitting here watching the tournament fall apart and waiting to see how good KU will be next year.


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A growing reputation

shut up weedwacker

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Firebird flameout


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Tiffany Demaline

who cares about this person she didnt even make state this year

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Lions blaze to victory

nice exciting win boys. keep up the hard work!

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Six to eight inches of snow expected

i did so because i believe you used kiddos not kiddo and kiddo wasnt showing a defintion either. and dont contradict my ability to use the internet... because i do no how to and i do no how to use a dictionary

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Six to eight inches of snow expected

dont you feel foolish

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