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Amidst bickering, state leaders authorize state to take on more debt

The idea of across the board cuts are grossly irresponsible- we can't cut funds to schools because teachers are still under contract and we can't cut funds to social services that assist the elderly or disabled in the middle of winter.Sebelius as already directed all other agencies to cut 3% of their budgets- that's specific enough. Neufeld's cuts are additional and will actually hurt poor and needy Kansans.

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Federal races: U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District

if only jenkins has the financial know-how to understand anything at all- as state treasurer, she's mismanaged money & has focused more on trying to get her next job than she has on doing the one she has properly. we can't trust her pledge to know raise taxes because she has made and broken the very same pledge before.boyda's been an able rep for 2 years, and jenkins has given us no valid reason to retire her. i'm voting for nancy boyda on tuesday.

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Jenkins had missed meetings on her calendar

boyda hasn't voted to increase taxes on average kansans even once- though jenkins sure has

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Candidate choices

well, this jcroucher has always been and remains a supporter of Congresswoman Nancy Boyda and simply can't understand why anyone would even consider voting for Jenkins after the revelations regarding her horrible mistakes as treasurer.

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Jenkins wins U.S. House of Representatives 2nd District primary

no, no, lynn won't win- one of her trained monkeys could have beaten jim ryun.so she took out someone who was already a loser...how does she beat someone who has been a successful representative.

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Ryun's camp says Jenkins' use of 'babe' was childish

Just that much more evidence Nancy Boyda's going to get re-elected in November.

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Lawrence voters will play pivotal role in races

wow...toe might have just said the stupidest thing I've ever read on this web site.

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'Star power' of Sebelius on display in Ohio

Do you people honestly think when she leaves the state she severs all connections with it? Have you not heard of telephones? Computers? Blackberrys?I mean...seriously...the hate people have for this woman....

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Democrats gain in state poll

how on earth can the republicans push the "DC Jim" crap when Roberts has been in DC for 40 years living off the government?

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