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Anti-abortion groups report death threats

Mr_Nancy_Boy_To_You said:

Sec'y of DHS, Janet Napoleon-tano will surely be releasing a memo to law enforcement warning of left-wing extremism any day now.


That report, along with the report on right-wing extremism, were commissioned by the Bush Administration. The report on potential left-wing extremism was released first.

But, as someone said, it isn't often in this country left-wing radicals kill people. Sure, sometimes they do awful things, but it's is rare- maybe even unheard of- for them to kill people.

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Parkinson chooses former Lawrence legislator Troy Findley as lieutenant governor

During the press conference, Parkinson said Findley would continue to receive the salary he has been receiving as Chief of Staff and that he would forgo the salary that is associated with the Lt. Governorship.

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Parkinson to announce second in command

*sigh* of course this is news.

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Abortion provider George Tiller found not guilty

It's good to know that even when you have really hot-button issues our legal system does still work.

Poor Phil Kline...

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Random drug testing of welfare recipients approved

How can any American support passing any law that searches someone without any probable cause? Hasn't anyone read the Constitution?

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Sexual orientation measure put on hold

Lord...hate gays as much as you want, prevent them from getting married, that's fine...but you shouldn't be able to fire them for something that doesn't have anything to do with their job performance.

That, even more than everything else, is wrong.

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Jenkins takes aim at stimulus package, calls it ‘liberal wish list’




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Governors: Stimulus won’t go very far fixing state problems

Calling it the "porkulus" doesn't help anyone take you seriously.

Don't take the money if you don't want it- that's fine. Individual governors have every right to hurt their own states.

I'm glad I've got a governor who isn't going to play partisan politics with this one- we've got a need for the funds that have been approved, so we're going to use them.


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Two Kansas anti-tax groups merge

We have to pay taxes so we have roads and public schools.Ask the good people of AFP what the result of their proposal are and they'll say "lower taxes and smaller budgets." Problem is, to have smaller budgets we've got to sacrifice services...they never get into which services should be cut to pay for their policies, just that something should be.Ask the people of Colorado how that has gone.

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Two Kansas anti-tax groups merge

Calling those two organizations "anti-tax" isn't pejorative at all- both organizations lobby against taxes and reward politicians who vote against tax increases and for tax decreases. They are opposed to taxes. They are anti-tax.There will never, ever be a "good time" for Americans for Prosperity.

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