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First Fam, now MU: KU looking at void

For once, I completely agree with you Merrill.

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Despite stakes, KU won’t empty football playbook

Gill is bull-headedly trudging forward with the same offensive and defensive gameplan that has worked, oh so well these past 11 games?! Seriously, this guy shouldn't even be on the field today.

I get the Sheahon wants to be an upfront professional with Gill but he'd get big kudos from me if he swooped in and relieved Gill of his duties now, just to make a statement that this season has been unacceptable -- across the board. Colorado did it after their loss to KU last year (that's how bad we are under Gill - you lose to KU, you lose your job).

We are the scout team of the Big 12 (and even many FCS teams).

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Agg beating: Jayhawks suffer worst blowout of season in 61-7 loss to Texas A&M

I love parents who taint their kids' minds with broad-brush generalization statements about a subset of the population in Lawrence (which is the transient part, by the way -- they come in August and leave in May). Was it KU or KSU that had EcoKat?

Regarding the subject at hand (recruits from big schools in Texas and OK, not BLHS...that's part of the problem with KU -- too much Kansas and not enough talented TX; I could go into a short novel describing why that is but won't), we are continually in this circular, negative feedback loop with Gill. We cannot get good recruits because we cannot win; we cannot win because we don't have talent.

Well, I disagree with that last part of that above statement. Snyder came back to KSU with about the same level of talent as we have right now. He's wrung every last drop of talent out of those kids via a coaching approach custom-made for where they're at as a team, and what each one of the players individually needs. That's what we need: new coaching blood. Someone who actually gets that coaching a team is more than just platitudes and catchy phrases.

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Sheahon Zenger's challenge: Find money to make coaching change

Ever played team sports before? It's the coach's job to inspire, motivate and get the team fired up and ready to play. If there's not a natural leader within the team who can do this, it's the coach's job.

Everything rises and falls on leadership. Regardless of who's fault it is, the head is responsible.

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Josh Selby gets emotional upon draft selection

Selby had the same reaction that I had: "I couldn't believe it!" and "I broke down and started crying." I also couldn't believe a professional team would throw the dice on a guy who was well below sub-par all season at the level below the NBA and I cried that pro sports no longer cared about execution or demonstrated ability but rather "hope".

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Josh Selby seeks to prove he ‘deserves’ shot

Excuses, excuses, Josh. The KU Selby wasn't the real Selby? Whatever.

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Former Jayhawk Royce Woolridge visits Washington St.

"Star Trek is for lames...my dad watches Star Trek." I'll never forget Woolridge's comment during halftime at one of last season's games. Hilarious.

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KU releases post-spring depth chart; Lewandowski back to DE, Patmon 2nd team

Power running -- this is not the MAC and controlling the clock will not win games in the Big12. When you play explosive power-houses like Texas and OU, they will destroy you through the air. It's too easy to stop the run...you may get 2-3 first downs on a drive but the likelihood that a team will stop you short of a FG is very high in BCS conferences when you rely primarily on running the ball. There are exceptions to this but those exceptional teams have more talent at running than KU (like BAMA).

Every other team in the Big 12 gets this concept except Gill.

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Top speed limit rising to 75 mph on some Kansas highways

JackRipper: You do realize that the statement regarding freight companies bypassing KS is political posturing and rhetoric to get the bill through and as a facade to the public. Obama does it all the time--we're just learning from the master.

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Is Kale Pick the next Kerry Meier?

Agreed. I was excited about Berglund arriving at campus in January with the intent of being on hand for Spring drills but am scratching my head at his change of heart. If I had a shot at being the #1 guy in a BCS program, I'd be all over that...not squandering it for whatever's going on back in CO that distracted him. This game (and a career in this game) is all about timing and taking opportunities. Berglund's timing is now out of step with the team and he has missed a golden opportunity to head into August with the #1 job in his pocket. Sad.

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