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KU MBA students examine no-shows at Bert Nash, other nonprofit problems

Telephone reminders. Dental offices have been doing this for years/decades. Now they do email and text reminders, too. Nice that it's an easy fix. Too bad Bert Nash didn't figure this out years ago. Good for the MBA students.

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KU student's team beats squads from Harvard, Yale to win $50,000 prize at design competition

Very cool. Kudos to Lauren and her teammates from UMKC (and suppose those other ones, too).

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Chestnut wants to focus on big-picture issues with second term on City Commission

Funny you should mention that, beatnik. The Rob Chestnut I knew at KU (30 years ago) was one of the most spiritual, level-headed people I knew. Not an "in your face" Christian, just a good guy that lived his faith. I suspect the principles he lives by have also made him a successful accountant/CFO. Kudos for getting off the commission when he saw that personal/job reasons could have diminished his effectiveness. I have no doubt he wants Lawrence to be as great as possible and will be dedicated to that once again. Wish I lived there again so I could vote for him (and go to some Jayhawks games).

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Opinion: Obama retreats to politics of gridlock

I agree with Ignatius, but if past performance is an indication of future results, there is nothing to indicate a change in leadership style or direction.

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Chalmers 2nd Jayhawk with NCAA, NBA titles

Trivia - Mario also won at the high school level - two time state champ team in Alaska.

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Daughter shares pain, hopes of families affected by Alzheimer's

Probably not the same wonderful Edith Marshall that taught (my two brothers and me), since this Edith's husband was a jeweler in Anthony, KS (SW of Wichita) for 50 years.

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Niagara's typos

Finally justice prevails. Teams and schools that can't spell deserve to be beaten by at least 40 points.

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