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The mayor of Providence, R.I., wants to tax students attending private colleges $150 per semester to help cover the city services they use. Should Lawrence consider a similar tax?

Would a city be entitled to the names of all the students attending local universities? There are some privacy issues here. Many legal hurdles.

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What would you more likely name your child?

Seven is from a Seinfeld episode. George wants to name his first child Seven---Mickey Mantle's number. His fiancee tells her friends and they steal it for their new baby.

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KU mourns Shawnee freshman found dead outside Watkins Scholarship Hall

The Topeka Capital Journal is reporting today that Mr. Hawkins fell off the roof. One has to admit it is an odd story that just isn't adding up, and however sad the loss of this kid's life, they have to figure out what happened.

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Mileage tax gaining speed in Congress

Wonder if the mileage tax is just a smokescreen? The Congress can't even make people efile their taxes. My parents still write theirs out by hand-- refuse to use a computer. How is Congress going to get a GPS system on everyone's car? Get everyone up in arms and then just say, "Well OK. We'll make everyone happy and just raise the federal gas tax 10 cents a gallon instead." Jerks!

Monkeyhawk--the last I knew only 12/13 cents on the dollar of the stiumlus bill was actually for infrastructure. The rest was just a big pork/social service package that should have been in the budget--not the stimulus.

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Topeka library restricts access to 4 sex-related books

The books aren't banned, but will have to be requested. It starts with 4 books, but where does it end?

This came about because four members of the Topeka Bible Church have been appointed to the Library Board by the mayor. Intentional ? I don't know. The women making the request to remove the books from the shelf is also a memeber of the church. Conflict of interest?

Topeka Bible Church is the church that had one of the big private fundraisers for Phill Kline and also ran Bob Meissner for State Board of Education. Thank goodness both lost their elections. This church tries to run a candidate for every election in the Topeka area---we should watch them with as much caution as the Phelps.

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Collins lively; KU dead

Might be easier to get up for Nebraska with Cookie Miller coming to town.

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How will the stimulus help me?

autie -- my understanding is we have to pay this back, but people claimed that about the last one too.

Last fall they kept claiming that only a small pecentage of homes were in danger of foreclosure---like over 90% were good. Wonder how the homeowners who saved money, made a downpayment, bought an affordable home and sacrificed to make their payment feels about all this? What do responsible citizens get? The shaft?

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Senate passes bill banning smoking statewide; doctor says move bodes well for cancer center designation

Why crispysn? Does your wife make you smokie outside? You are free to smoke as much as you want in your own home. Just keep it at home.

"The answer is to make everything fun illegal"

So LarryNative thinks drinkng and driving is fun? Such irresponsibility is why there is a need for the laws.

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Clemente sorry for ‘T’ — sort of

Denis Clemente ( Why do parents do that? It is Dennis.)
Think it might be the Latin American influence, maybe? Imagine that, non-anglo spellings for things?!
Jonas: Latin American or not, it is just a little too much like Penis and very easy to change by adding the extra "n".--but on the other hand "If the shoe fits".

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Regents ready ‘to cut leash’

The more I thought about this "cutting the leash" and giving schools more autonomy, the might I thought about how well autonomy and self-regulation worked for the banking/mortgage industry.

KU probably needs to lower its standards so they can give the out-of-state legacy kids those tuition waivers.

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