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Tyshawn Taylor transforms magically

I am often critical of TT for careless turnovers and not plugging in his brain, but TT played fabulously against Baylor, and in the 2 previous games. He was in control and keeping others involved. Way too go! Finally, the focus to channel his freakish athleticism. RCJHGKU

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Against the odds, Mario Little will graduate today

Congratulations, Mario, and all the best to you.

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Get a life, Loser.

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Veteran teacher responds to letter’s criticism

Thank you for the thoughtful, detailed response. I retired after 34 years in secondary education, thirty-two of them in Lawrence, and I agree with you on every point. Thanks to you and to all teachers who continue to serve their communities despite low pay scales, waning resources, and inconsistent public support. After the job of a parent, there is no tougher or more rewarding job than educator.

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Royce Woolridge to transfer from KU

Best of luck to you, Royce. You handled it with class, and we wish you great success.

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Morris twins sign with agent, will declare for draft

They are talented and fun to watch, and I wish them well. Now, can we please get one or two Bigs who are not too 'special' to defend/rebound (the way Coach wants to play) to help TRob. Josh/Elijah/Nadir on point will be good, and Ben at 2 guard. Now, when TT doesn't defend or concentrate, Coach will have options and still be calling the style of play (as opposed to when three of five starters don't buy in to defending). Yea. Bring it.

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

Sometimes, Jim, the players just don't listen to the coaches , no matter how much they're told. Don't know what you can do about that. I have my feelings about some players who shouldn't have been chosen, but there's no getting around it that the coaches can only teach, and the players only execute.

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

I hope Josh will come back just so he can play healthy and learn to play with high caliber players where he won't be the Whole Show. He needs this before he goes pro; the money will be there. Same for the twins and TRob, but for different reasons. They all need Danny's coaching/mentoring about how to play in the pros. Yeah, the money is a draw, but they're good enough to go in another year and will be better for Danny's teaching. If they go early, nobody will teach them; they'll languish on the bench or in the DLeague. Look at Aldrich this year, or Arthur (who just this year is playing 15 minutes or so), or Wright, who isn't playing at all in his third year. What good is that if nobody helps you get better??Come back, guys.

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KU men's basketball prepares for life after tournament

Coach cannot be blamed for 13 missed FTs( greater than victory margin alone), stupid TOs (Kieff with 8, incl. three stepping out of bounds), and continued reluctance to guard. Several of these guys have refused to guard all year, thinking they could always outscore another team at will. Coach has been banging his head on the wall about this all year, and we all know sometime a team will out shoot you. This happened to the Langford group Self's first year, exactly the same way. When the three most necessary players won't comply, Self can't just bench them all. So they meet a team that's hotter on one day and they're out. Still, we love our players and thank them for their work and talent to win 35 games, and for entertaining us. We still care for them even when they don't do what Coach says.

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